New Rig - Any new ideas or thoughts on this.

Here is the info on the new computer. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas for either better or more compatible items let me know. Or perhaps just anything that might help.

Thermaltake Armor VA8003BWS Black
Thermaltake ToughPower 750w Power Supply
WD Raptor WD1500ADFD 150GB 10,000 RPM 16MB Cache SATA HD
Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800
ASUS P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe
CORSAIR XMS2 2GB DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel
XFX PVT80FSHD9 GeForce 8800GTX 768MB
Lite-On SHD-16S1S (SATA)
Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro

ViewSonic VX922 19"
Saitek PZ30AUR RED
Razer Copperhead Anarchy Red

Any ideas I should change or any good suggestions on this setup. As for the video card and cpu, Im an nvidia and intell fan so the brands as far as those two go stay the same. Any help or suggestions would be great. My teams sponsors are gonna rig us out with what we want, I just need to have all the info to the bottom line.

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  1. Get a different hsf, the 9500 an 9700 are overpriced, the scythe infinity is a great hsf, much better then those Zalmans. I would get this psu instead, better quality for $10 more.
  2. Newegg has the 9500 for $45 dollars which seems really cheap. Thanks for the help though, and for the psu we looked at that one but it doesnt seem to fit to well in the psu slot and have long enough cables. One of my teammates hooked up with that same psu.
  3. neweggs price on the 9500 is really good. i bought one and was very happy with it. just be warned that it is ginungous (at least in my opinion), and installation is not the easiest. also the fan blows sideways, as in toward the back of the case, which may not be perfect for your system. from what i can see, the rest of your build looks pretty nice. are you gonna want SLI in the future? if not then i would recommend a different mobo and save some money.
  4. If whoever is sponsoring your 'team' (what kind of team do you get new computers for anyway??) is funding this, then just get...well, what you have there, which is the best possible parts you can get.

    Other than that Zalman, and the Tt PSU. Get a PC P&C or something, and I second the Scythe.

    Oh, and what does


  5. Quote:

    gigantic + enormous + humungous, I think
  6. Quote:
    Oh, and what does



    it means really really big. its usually used for exaggeration. at least by me.

    also i just realized that you could scrap your raptor and get two WD 250s or 320s in RAID 0 and it would be faster and have more space.

    just a little more unreliable.
  7. 8800GTX on a 19" Screen 8O

    Just get an E6600 and used the saved money to buy a 21" widescreen at the least.
  8. I have that ViewSonic vx922 and wish I had something bigger. I will upgrade when I get my next rig. the vx922 is a very nice LCD for gaming, just a little small IMO.
  9. lol everyone tells me to got bigger lol. I love this lcd and its plenty big for me, Id like to keep my eyesight somewhat good before Im 30, this screen is enough as it is lol. As for screen size I do competive gaming, and if youve ever done that youll notice most of the gamers start 2 feet from the monitor and end up 2 inches away from it anyways lol. And what is a scythe?? Got me lost on that
  10. So there really are gamers who buy things like the Dell XPS and aren't particularly interested in hardware huh!

    Well, you learn something new every day.

    Scythe make high-performance coolers that can run standard-clock CPUs nearly silently and very cool. Plus they have pretty massive overclocking scope.
  11. So anymore good ideas for this pc?
  12. go for the two WD 320's 7200 rpm in raid 0, and youll get faster speed and more capacity. scythes are nice, go with that. otherwise everything is good. unless you dont want SLI in the future. if you dont then you might be able to save on the mobo.
  13. Id like to go for SLI, but if I keep gaming its not up to me to decide the sli, theres other behind that and they say no. Cant change the harddrive except brand name it seems, got to keep a 10k rpm, how would putting that into raid make it??
  14. Since it looks like you have money to spent...

    I would change that ZALMAN 9500 for the 9700.

    There is a new armor called VA8004 which is a bigger case since it is quad-fx recommended. That small difference might help you with the air flow on the case.

    Keep the raptor, is a nice HD, but I would also recommend that you get a Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 for storage since you dont want to full fill your raptor so it can perform good at all times.

    The X6800, hmmm, quad-core seems to be performing a little better each day so I would better get a quad-core (I know there is people reporting heat issues, but is not a big deal) If you are going to spend $1000 on a CPU, why not go quad-core? :D

    DEFINETELY, get another motherboard, there are many options, eVGA 680i, ASUS P5N32-E, ASUS Striker-Extreme, etc That mobo is pretty outdated now, you would like to stick with new stuff ;)

    Make sure that RAM you are getting is CAS 4

    Videocard is good, eVGA is a good brand too in case you need more options.

    dvd roms and cd roms look good

    Sound card, dont spend that much on that! there are better choices! want to stay with creative? go for the X-Fi Fat4lity FPS which is $180 and comes with the panel and 64mb of X-Ram which is an extra.

    After your rig is finish, you will want to change the monitor ( I have the same one and Im going to change soon cuz its small :P) You might like the Sceptre 22" with HDMI and HDCP in newegg is for a good price.
  15. Cool cool. Thanks for the info. Let me give you another tidbit for ya, our sponsors are paying for the computer(s). As for the X6800, they dont like the quad, still think its unstabble and has less power then the X6800 so cant change that. So lets try it again :)
  16. If you are gonna be the responsable for that PC, you are one of the luckiest person in the world. Im serious.
  17. Yea... Scrap the motherboard and get either an Intel 975X or an nVidia 680i series. Well, seeing that you're using an nVidia card, I guess it'd make sense to get the nForce... then again, who knows. Why you're one lucky son of a *beeeeeep*!!! :P
  18. LOL, thanks guys for the help. As for being responsible thats just it. So I get the pc I want, cept I have rules to follow as well lol. Their rules, my pc to play a game they sponsor for us, cant just use it for whatever. Games yes, anything else...probably not lol. Which is fine, like you said lucky bastiage...I agree lol. But hell took 4 years to get anywhere so its all worth it. Might check out the new motherboards so, the striker looks sweet.
  19. Quote:
    As for the X6800, they dont like the quad, still think its unstabble and has less power then the X6800 so cant change that.

    I'd like to see those test results :wink:

    If you are truely getting these paid for I would absolutely recommend getting the best and most stable PSU. PC P&C, Silverstone, or Zippy... spend the bucks there.

    Get some mean RAM... Crucial Balistix Here Geil Ultra Here OCZ Platinum Here G.Skill sweet stuff Here

    And the 680i mobo... at least the 650i mobo.
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