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I'm quite unexperienced in video conferencing systems and I would like to know if there are some compatility issues when using devices from different manufacturers.
Concretely, I'm in charge of trying to connect a site equipped with an Aethra Vega X5 to 2 sites that use Tandberg 880. As I am getting mad trying to make it work (with one of the Tandberg, the connection works but I can't get the video from the Tandberg to the Aethra, and with the other Tandberg, I can't even get connected to the Aethra, and I get the error message "the line is busy"), I would like to know if there is a compatibility problem with these two devices.

Thanks in advances for your help.
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  1. Are you trying to connect via IP or ISDN? Are either of those able to act as a bridge?

    If not, and you are trying to connect via ISDN, you will only be able to connect to ONE other site. If you want to connect to more, you'll need to use some sort of bridging service like Intercall or Global Crossing.

    It seems like you're trying to go via ISDN though so I won't get into IP. That is most likely the problem though. I am not sure about those particular models, but everything should communicate no problem, but if you're want to do more than 1 other unit with ISDN, you should use a bridge service.
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