Geforce 6800 XT question

Not sure where to post this question, so here goes.

I recently purchased a Geforce 6800xt and after installing it i can play all of my games fine

the problem is whenever i try to play any type of movie file that opens in windows media player / windows media player classic / winamp / quicktime / whatever the system slows down extremely fast (until everything locks up) and then i have to reboot

i didnt have this problem with my old geforce ti 4600 which is why im guessing that the new card is the problem

the only thing that is worrying me is on the website i bought the card and the box itself says the card requires a 400w or 500w psu.

another change made since switching video cards was updating to the latest video drivers, maybe thats the problem?

my specs are

a7n8x2.0 mobo
athlon 3000 barton
1gb of pc3200 something ram
330w psu
western digital 80 gig harddrive

im posting this off the top of my head and when i get home from work i can give more information in more detail if needed

any idea what the problem could be? if its even related to the video card?
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  1. 40 views and no ideas? did i post this in the wrong section?
  2. Yeah that PSU makes me nervous its probably fairly old now right? may not be even capable of its full wattage which was low to begin with.

    I very had a 6600TD once and vaguely remeber a similar problem when I updated drivers try rolling back to the ones that came on the disc with the card and see what happens.

    If that doesn't fix it I'd think of getting a new PSU strange that games work ok though.
  3. If you have the time, maybe try a format, maybe a codec was corrupted when you installed your new video card drivers. (you did go online get the the new forceware driver from Nvidia right?)
  4. 1. Uninstall the NVIDIA drivers completely
    2. Uninstall codes that you have (divx4, acc, mpeg4 etc)
    3. After rebooting and making sure that everything is removed, Install the NVIDIA drivers again
    4. Try there if not...

    1) Your PSU might be a problem, does your card need energy from PSU?

    Also, check videocard temperatures, if they are too high, that might be causing the card to just freeze
  5. uninstalling the latest drivers from nvidias website and installing the older drivers that were on the cd did the trick, no more lockups from movies yay

    yes the card requires power from the psu

    temperatures under medium load is about 50 C, i dont really have any games that can stress the card i dont think, so temperate is ok

    if it happens again and the drivers arent the problem ill try re - doing the codecs
  6. Congrats! enjoy your card! .... and videos too :D

    This is like Case#09217483 that I heard people having problems with their NVIDIA drivers

    97.41 I think are the lastest right? they need to be updated soon!
  7. Yeah seems to be a few cruddy drivers around I personally usually update to the one before the current ones and let someone else find out whats wrong with the brand new ones, Call me paranoid.

    Like I said I had a 6600TD do the same thing when i updated it.
  8. Yes, thats true, I never update until I make sure that the drivers will work 100%.

    97.41 is known to be very problematic
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