WOW! Transfered to antec 900 and HR-03 GPU Cooler.

I am freaking amazed at the temps i'm getting now! I'll explain a little first. I bought an old generic case a couple years ago. Typical fan setup 120 front, 120 back, and an 80mm side fan. I think the only reason I bought it was because it said aluminum on it...thats it...right on the front in raised letters.

I also bought a thermalright HR-03 GPU cooler after reading tom's hardware review of it. So down to business. Everything went pretty smooth. Installed PS upside down due to fan. CD-rom went in easy. HD went in the cage fine. I am not real big on cable management as you can see in the pic. As long as its not hitting a fan blade its good enough for me. Only issue was the 2x2 connector by the CPU. Mine was too short...luckily I had anticipated this and had one on hand. I didn't have any issue with the dvi cables being plugged into the g card. On to the comparison.

CPU temps in core1-core-2 format ALA TAT (100% loaded for 10 mins using TAT). All ANTEC 900 Fans on Medium speed setting.

IDLE OLD 33-30C LOAD 55-54

IDLE Antec 900 25-23 LOAD 47-46

CRAZY eh. That's about an AVG 8 degree drop for cpu temps.

Now onto the thermalright HR-03 GPU cooler.

Stock cooler X1900XT cooler temps taken using ATItool

Stock idle was 50C and after 10 minutes of scanning for artifacts is was 90c.
HR-03 Idle is 33C and after 10 mins of scanning it is 61C.

Isn't that nuts!?

The only thing that kinda bummed me out was I couldn't use the 120mm sidefan with the HR-03 installed. Oh well I am very happy with these 2 products!

A pic of everything installed. I am too tired to do any testing, but if I do i'll post up results.
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  1. Nice temp drop! If you routed the 4 pin connector behind the mobo it may have enough length.

    A little wire management may get you a couple more degrees, but being that the PSU is modular and you dont have any huge rat's nest currently, it probably wont help a ton. I just prize the neatness of a case as many others do.
  2. I thought about that and it was still too short. I could have done a much better wiring job, but justs didn't have the motivation :)
  3. Yeah, I just picked one of these cases up and wow, this is the air cooling case to get. I am dissapointed with the cable managment (none) and had to extend the mobo power connector. It's not made as well as my old Sonata II on the inside, however the cooling benefits and cool looks of the case made me get it.
  4. After a few weeks you will want to sit down and re route some wires. Always happens to me when I don't feel like doing it at the time.
  5. hey, have you guys got the revised version of the Antec Nine Hundred? and if so can you tell me what your Item Model Number was please :D thanks very much, really appreciate it. :D
  6. That pretty good. I also have the 900 case, though I've said quite a few bad things about it, it is quiet (when fans set to low).

    I will tell you what sucks: I am using the stock HSF and thermal paste (yeah- I completely forgot to take off that OEM crap before installing everything), the E6300 I have is OCd to about 2.33GHz and (according to NVidia Monitor), my CPUs idle is at 53c!! WTF?!?

    In my setup, I have a 120mm fan in the top cage (empty), and the other at the bottom (with 3x HDDs). I moved the rear-mounted 120mm fan to the side to blow more air directly on my 8800GTS and CPU area.

    What kills me though is that in the BIOS, my temps read in the 30s; I don't know if the NVidia monitor is just flaky or what, but I seriously doubt that just running Windows creates 20 degrees more heat than being in the BIOS; especially when I have seen reports of people taking this CPU to 3.5GHz on air (and I think that was on the stock HSF).

    Oops- my apologies to the OP for seemingly stealing his thread.
  7. I'm currently looking to build my first, soo many cases to choose from, although I still think the Antec Nine Hundred looks kind of (sorry to say) ugly, but other then that this case performs great and thats a major temp drop, nice. Does the PSU being in the bottom bother anyone? do you have to stretch the wires of the PSU to reach the MOBO?
  8. I think the case looks great, and it fit my needs (exterior dimensions, cooling, looks), perfectly, it's just the cable management that sucks.

    Oh, and I did figure out what was going on with my CPU temps: NTune decided to run the CPU fan at 0%!!! WTF! I reset it to 100% both in NTune and the BIOS, and I have seen idle temps in the high 30s, fully loaded in the lower-mid 50s. All on the stock HSF, and the case fans set to low.

    The case works if you either dremel some holes in the (non-removable) MB tray, or use a modular power supply.

    Other cases I considered were the Raidmax Smilodon and the Spire Pininfarina. Both cool excellently (even with 80mm fans), but are a joy to build in, but the Raidmax graphics were a little over-the-top, while the Spire's were too understated.

    I also like the Stacker 830 and even was going to get it in the SLI green version, but I didn't like some of the build reviews I read, and IT IS FREAKIN' HUGE!

    Link to review of the Spire (the Raidmax is 100% indentical in the inside):

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