Question on proprietary components.

If I were to move my current system into a new case with a new power supply (my current case is way too small) would I have problems with compatibility? My old case has almost zero airflow and will not fit a new PSU which I need (my current one is a generic coolmax with only 18A on the +12V rail).

The new PSU will be a TT Toughpower 750W Cable management. The new case will be an Antec 900.

My full system specs are:
HP Pavilion a450n
Asus P4SD-LA (Oxford)
BFGTech 6800GS
1Gb Corsair ValueRAM CL2.5
P4 Prescott 3.0E
A Realtek NIC
2 Optical drives
A Samsung hard drive (160Gb)

and that's it. I hope there won't be any issues I vaguely remember somewhere a post that said that proprietary systems don't like new PSUs but I have so far installed 2 new ones in it (they were really bad PSUs though, HP's first one then a Rosewill of course this was before I knew what a good PSU was and what a bad PSU was) So I think it should work.
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  1. It should work w/o any problem, I was able to cross reference the HP PSU part #5187-1098 to a replacement part of atx12v250bt and it seems to be the standard 20-pin ATX connector with the -5v pin removed (which is also standard in itself :wink: )

    But running your parts through the PSU calc it is less than 300w so your choice is definitely overkill. But at least you will be ready for that quad-core 8800GTX SLI rig when you get it 8)

    Otherwise this Antec NSK4400 w/ 380w PSU should do the job very nicely at a mere $70 shipped - less than half the cost of the TT750w psu alone!
  2. Yeah I know it's overkill but I'm going to use it in my new build. I'll just be using it to power my old system for now because my old system doesn't have enough power. So it's fine for me. THanks for the help.
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