BFG 7950 GT OC: Monitor goes into standby mode when XP boots

Hello All,

I recently bought a BFG 7950GT OC. I experienced several minor issues with the card at first however all that has been resolved (upgraded BIOS) since and the card have been running great for about a week. Last night I turned on my computer after coming back from work and to my supprise just right after the black Windows XP logo loading bar screen my monitor goes black and clicks into "standby mode". Just so happens I also have a S-Video connection to my TV so I turned my TV on and I can see Windows XP fine through my TV so I know Windows XP booted with no issues.

At first I thought it was my monitor so I tried another one, same make and model. I get the same result, black screen in "standby mode" right after the Windows XP logo loading bar screen.

The next thing I did was boot Windows into VGA Mode and I was able to see Windows XP thought my monitor. I removed the nVidia driver and restarted the computer. The monitor worked without any issues without the nVidia driver installed. I started to suspect its something with the drivers. Maybe some setting was changed the very last time I turned off the computer the night before? This basically tells me that there is nothing wrong with the 7950 GT OC and there is nothing wrong with my monitor because they are both working when the nVidia driver is not installed.

I had a 100% working Ghost image of my drive when I built it a week ago. Instead of messing with the driver settings etc., I re-imaged my drive with the working image from last week and I was shocked that the monitor is still not working even after loading a 100% working image. This makes no sense at all because it sounds like a hardware issue now.

I have tried going into Safe Mode & VGA Mode to uninstall the drivers then using Driver Cleaner to finish it off. I also tried upgrading drivers to 93.81, 93.71 and reverting back to the 91.47 driver that came on BFG CD. I still get the same issue during boot. The monitor also goes into "Standby Mode" during driver installation. The driver installation status bar be half way finished and the monitor will go into "Standby Mode".

It basically comes down to the driver some how because when I uninstall the nVidia driver I am able to boot into Windows XP and see everything through my monitor however as soon as the nVidia driver is installed my monitor immediately goes into "Standby Mode" with the monitor power light flashing.

I spoke with BFG Tech Support. They basically asked general troubleshooting questions and did not make an effort to want to help me solve this issue :x. They suggested downloading the latest driver for my chipset (Intel 915P). Is this neccesary? And if that didn't work return it to the store I bought it from (oldest line in the book to try and get a customer off the phone quickly).

I have also tried changing the refresh rate ranging from 60 Hertz to 80 Herzt with the same unsuccessful result. I am starting to run out of options, I can't belive I'm stressing so much over this expensive new card. Can anyone help with this? I have seen alot of other post with regards to similar situation all over the Internet but no one has a solid solution.

My rig consist of the following:

CPU: P4 550 (3.4GHz)
Mobo: ASUS P5GD1 (with the latest BIOS 1014)
Chipset: Intel 915P
RAM: Kingston 1.5GB
Video: BFG 7950 GT OC 512MB
PSU: OCZ Game X Stream 700W (Quad 12V with running current of 18A each)

*** 05/01/2007 Update ***

I borrowed a eVGA 7600 GT KO from my friend last night so I can do some testing. I went home, took my BFG 7950 GT OC out and replaced it with my friend's eVGA. While using the same installed drivers for the 7950 (93.81) my monitor went into Standby Mode during Windows XP boot with the 7600. When I uninstlled the driver and just booted Windows XP in VGA Mode, everything was fine. The 7600 did the exact same thing the 7950 did.

*** What I have tried so far in a nut shell with the same unsuccessful result. ***

- Tested with two monitors of the same make and model.
- Tested using different versions of nVidia drivers. (91.47 - 93.81)
- Tested different nVidia video cards. (eVGA 7600 GT KO & BFG 7950 GT OC)
- Re-imaged my drive with a 100% working image made a week ago.
- Update ASUS P5GD1 BIOS to the latest version. (1014)

The only constant in this equation left to look at is the motherboard and the RAM. Those are the only other parts I haven't changed (with the exception of the BIOS upgrade) I don't know what else it could be.

I greatly appreciate any help I can get.


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  1. i had a problem similair too this a long time ago. my video card resolution setting was beyond the capabilities of the monitor and the exact same thing happened. right after the load screen would come up the monitor went into standby. ususally when you uninstall drivers it goes to 800x600 and any monitor can display that. there is also a little box by the refresh rate settings that says hide what the monitor can't display. make sure that is checked as well. i teke it you are using a crt monitor not an lcd? if you are using an lcd i think it should be at 60hz
  2. The other common cause of this type of problem is the software selecting the wrong monitor. The secondary monitor might be set as default.
    Good Luck 8)
  3. Hello All,

    Thanks for everyone's quick reply. If indeed it was a software setting issue, reimaging my HDD from a working partition image made one week ago when everything was working would have resolved everything. That's why I'm so confused. :?:

  4. Hello All,

    I have resolved this issue. It turns out to be the VGA cable that was faulty or acting funny. I think the reason why I didn't resolve this issue sooner was that I tested with another monitor that was the same make and model as the one that was not working. I finally broke down and tried a different brand of monitor (Dell 17" CRT) and it everything works PERFECT! So to all that have been experiencing this "Standby Mode" issue with your monitor during boot. CHECK & TEST YOUR VGA CABLE!


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