Pentium 4 @ 2.0GHz... temps?

What kind of temps should a P4 @ 2.0 be at and what is the highest safe temp for it, Min - Max?

P4 @ 2.0GHz
MSI FX5200 128Mb
2X256 PC2100 (DDR266)
Abit BD7 - motherboard

My computers CPU idles around 43C - 45C, full load is around 55C - 58C...
I got these temps using Motherboard monitor 5 (MBM5), got MBM5 after the PSU fan fried and the CPU over heated...
Case temp is around 35C(idle) - 45C(full load)

Google and Intel have been less than helpful and I need an answer from someone who knows and not a guess.
Many thanks...

Side questions: What does a single beep mean, my computer has been doing this after the PSU fan failed?
How much power does RAM take up as I want to pop in 2X1024?
What does fuzzy and choppy sound mean, aka is the mobo sound chip failing, not enough power?
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  1. You got a new PSU, right?

    Remove your heatsink and fan, clean the heatsink and processor of whatever thermal compound is currently on them (use isopropyl alcohol, the higher the % the better, it's cheap and effective), and apply some Arctic Silver 5 (can be found on Newegg or other online vendors). Read the application instructions on Arctic Silver's website, re-apply the HSF, and see how that helps your temperatures.
  2. How would I know if its throttling? As for my room well I like to keep that cold... heavy sweater :) I don't like being in a room above 68 but Ile settle for 74...
  3. Is this system homebulit or a store/Dell computer? Because those case temps are really quite high.

    If it's a Dell-type then there's not really much you can do there, but if you built it yourself or have a non-proprietary case then you should get some case fans.
  4. Home built system but it was put together by someone else, all the fans spin last time I checked which was about a month ago. I never cleaned the dust out and yes it has an absurd amount in there but the most this would do is make temps a little higher, yes? The dust can't damage or short anything out?
  5. Nah dust on it's own is pretty harmless, but if it starts clogging up fans then it causes less heat dissipation, thus overheating components and stuff.

    35 is the highest motherboard temperature I ever saw on my system before it went into a special 'cold room' (now it's at about 19/20 degrees) so that's the only reason I have any concern. It sounds like there is little airflow in your system, and it's not just the 'board temps that will come down, your CPU temps will too.

    Where do you have your fans?
  6. Normal ATX case, front fan, CPU heatsink&fan, PSU fan, thats about it... Side vents but no fans on them. CPU is behind the PSU in a nasty spot but theres no dust in the fan that I could see...

    me = sleep
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