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ok i just got and hooked up my new wireless router today its the ZyXEL X-550 XtremeMIMO Wireless Broadband Router..im having some problems i download using bittorrent and i had no real problems with my last router except that when i downloaded alot it froze up and got sluggish..now i did all the port fowarding and i started downloading and not only does it seem a little slower downloading speed wise but after a little bit i get disconnected from my wireless connection and all other pcs on the network do to then in a few seconds or min in reconnects and when it does my download speed gets superfast shortly after...what does everyone think the problem is and how can i fix it is there some settings i need to change..im not so smart when it comes to routers and wireless stuff..but i know to foward my ports and i did that just like i did with the last router..pleaseeee someone help i need to know if i need to return this router and get a new one
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  1. Not familar with that router.

    But check to see what your lease time is set at, Lan settings.

    It sounds like the other router was having a overheating problem, which seams common to combo units for residential service.

    You may want to use Tweek tools from DslReports to check your settings.
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