Antec NeoHE 550W enough?

Hello all,

Heres the deal. I may be able to spring for an 8800GTS. Its going to be one of these 2. (Unless someone else thinks maybe of a better choice?)

Though im not sure if my system plus with the Antec NeoHE 550w will allow it to work correctly.

The system is in the sig: Additional Specs include...
Proc power: 1.375v
Mem: 2.7v
2x120gb 8mb cache, 7200rpm SATA hard drives (not in raid)
2 opitcal drives: 1 DL dvd-rw and 1 dvd-rom
Floppy drive
Sound Card: Sound Blaster Audigy ZS 2
Antec P180 Case with all the stock fans (3x120mm)
will the Antec NeoHE 550w power everything without lowering the OC?
Also will this thing fit into my case. I hear that it is very long, but so is my X1900XTX, so is it longer than that? and will I have problems with it. Also, will I bottleneck it badly with my CPU? or do I look ok? Should I even bother? I just want DX10 while I have the extra cash so I dont blow it on something else stupid later. lol

Is there anything else that factors in that i am missing? let me know what you guys would do. Thx in advance for the help. (note that I do not like OC'ing vid cards as much because I just dont like OC'ing software, if it were in the bios it would be a different story, so that is why I consider the factory OC. Notice how very little I have OC'ed my XTX. The factory OC is always very appealing to me.) lol


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  1. Yeah, that psu should be plenty for your system. With that oc your cpu shouldny bottleneck the graphics card by too much, probably only get a couple extra FPS if you upgrade to something like an E6600.
  2. Absolutely poor quality on NeoHE's. I had two, count them, two of them bad. Bought one from ZipZoomFly and was dead out the box. Instead of returning it to ZZF, I swindled Best Buy into exchanging for another. Installed it and it worked for two days. Went to turn my computer on one evening and all I heard was a spark and saw smoke coming from the power supply. My experience tells me to avoid all NeoHE's. Stupid that a $170 power supply has such a bad rep.
  3. Well I have had mine for alil over a year now and it has help up very well. It has held my OC at a lower voltage than my previous 550w, so I have been satisfied with it as is my roommate whom has had his for about 6 months so far. Only cost us $100 full retail from zippy for ours, sry for your problems with them though. Thx again all.


  4. Depending if my friend buys my parts or not I may also be upgrading my system with the following:

    Intel Xeon 3040 w/ Arctic Freezer 7 Pro
    Abit AB9 Pro
    2gb Super Talent DDR2 800mhz w/ 4-4-3-8 timings

    Will prolly shoot for 2.6ghz - 2.8ghz, but that system will require less voltage with the DDR2 over the DDR and possibly the CPU if not around the same, so I figure if I do get that then I will get the best of both worlds, but it is a long shot because he doesnt really have the money to buy my current parts. Would be nice to have those couple FPS you talk about, lol I suppose I am greedy when it comes to oh well! Thx again.


  5. Yea the hard drives are both in the lower drive bay already, I have some wires running through their, but that can easily be moved if need be, thx for the info.


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