Are people still buying these?

here's a review of a pentium 4 531 at newegg. It's dated 12/29/2006. Enjoy!

Pros: It works fairly fast, and programs seem pretty snappy. This Prescott has a fairly hefty 1MB L2 Cache and a nice 800Mhz FSB. Paired with a good video card, it could churn out respectable framerates in many games.

Cons: It runs so hot in my case that too much intensive work will shut down the computer. I can't do any gaming with it because it is just that hot. The stock cooling is also really loud and not that effective.

Other Thoughts: I suggest getting a Cedar Mill processor rather than this. They're supposedly a lot cooler, made from a 65nm process, and have an extra MB of Cache.
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  1. Gotta love people that don't keep up with the times!

    Fast without Stable = crap
  2. Can we email him to help him with his temp problem? :(
  3. He must live in Arizona, where they are so smart they Run Oblivion on a 3.2Ghz Celeron because they believe the Core 2 Quad QX6700@ 2.6Ghz is too slow.

    Supporting Stats, they are #50 :D
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