how do i increase the hsf speed?

I'v asked this in another topic but no one answered, so i thought id make a new post for it.

My E6600 (stock speed) is running at around 47 degrees on idle and about 54 while gaming...going upto 63 when i use intel thermal tool to put the cpu on 100% load for a few mins...then its pretty static at 63-64.

My cpu cooler is the normal stock cooler u get with intel cpu's. Its running at 2000rpm.

Is there any way to increase the speed of the fan??? I'd prefer not to see my cpu hit 60 even at 100% load.

I looked into my bios and there is nothing there to change the speed of the fan except for an option that says "cpu quite fan" which is on disable at the moment.

any input????????
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  1. I relpied in your other topic

    Speedfan or a aftermarket controller. See the other thread for links
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