Flash Drives vs Memory slot drives

Hello all

I cant remember the name of it, but last spring a company came out with a PCI card that could hold 4 x 1 gig ram chips but used for storage, which you could then load xp onto. Obviously this is not practical anymore becuase of Vista being way to big. What do you guys think of Sandisks new hard drive that is flash based drivin and has i belive 34 gigs which is very practical?
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  1. the company you are thinking of is Gigabyte I-Ram
    as for better... i think the ramdrive will smoke it... unfortuatly it is only 4 gigs. but 2 of them raid0 would scream..
  2. Ya I was thinking once we see how much the new flash drives are going to cost its going to depend on price over performance. Should be intresting.
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