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i was just curious if anyone out there has played on 2560x1600 and could tell me if the picture quality vs 1920x1080 was dramaticly differ and that if the picture quality was worth FPS drops in games. i was also wondering on a seconds scale how much faster would my levels load on 10k RPM HDD vs 7200 RPM HDD (SDD for games out of question). i was also wondering if i wanted to upgrade my motherboard would i have to reinstall windows (i dont have recovery disk does anyone know a program i can download and make one) and on another topic i was wondering how long do you guys think it will be before the i7 930 (or quad i7s) lose there edge dramaticly in gaming comapred to the six core intels? sorry that was soooo long
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  1. As for changing out the MOBO and being able to reboot after doing so, go to Microsoft and search for an app to disable the hareware signature prior to the change. By doing so, you will be able to boot from the installed OS and go on from there with a new mobo.
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