Hosting Games On A DLINK DSL-504T Router

Hello, The other day i brought a DLINK DSL-504T Router So i can Host Online Games and let other people join.. But i ran into a problem I duno know how to fix

Its either my ISP or the Router,
Where do i start?
I can get onto the internet with it, Ang join other peoples games.. But i cant host games of my own.. I Tryed turning firewalls off (Both on my computer and the Router), opening ports.. All sorta of stuff.. But just nothing working right :( ..

So if you guys could help me out with what to turn on/off that would be great!!
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  1. When hosting you need to do:
    1) Set the hosting computer to a static ip address so it wont change.
    2) Open the correct ports for the game you are hosting. Every game is different, although some may use the same ports. Google your game with the words 'open ports' and you should get some hits.

    Or you can try this, Set your ip address in the dmz zone. This will leave it completly unblocked and open to the net though. Might try this to see if it is a port issue or not.
  2. :) Tar buddy, thanks for ya help .. Ill try it out when i get home
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