6600 can't get stable system over 3.2ghz with water cooling

I'm wondering if someone could possibly post the settings that they used in order to get thier system past 3.2ghz and stable. I keep reading posts by people here who claim that they can overclock a 6600 to 3.6 or so, but from other sites I hear anything over 3.2 and you can't really use it to play on. Many posts say that 3.2 is about as high as they could go and be stable. I want to be able to play online games while overclocked, not just run benchmarks.

I have no problem with any heat issues from the what the monitors report, but when I go over about 3.25ghz my system won't boot to windows, or if it does, after about 5 minutes in, it totally freezes up. I've been able to get it to about 3.6ghz with core voltages around 1.5, but it just isn't stable. I've tweaked just about everything up and down from the stable point but can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. If it helps, I can get my bios settings later today when I'm at home, but I'm putting this in from work. Any tips would be appreciated.

I have the following, if that helps.

Asus P5WDH Deluxe motherboard
Intel 6600 chip (water cooled)
OCZ PC2-6400 gold memory
Maxtor SATA 300gb drive
750W Power supply
Tai-chi water-cooled tower

MSI Nvidia 7900 GS (water cooled)
--wondering also if running a single nvidia card on an ATI x-fire built board may be causing some issues? seems to run fine except when I try to push it higher.--

(edit note: I did start with the posted guidelines above and also have tried various other tips and suggestions from other boards to no avail, but I find that I like the posts I find here and feel comfortable asking you guys.)
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  1. i had problems MUCH MUCH similar to the ones you have, i sold my Processor on Ebay and bought a new one, right now im at 3.4 GHz on a Zalman 9500 with 1.37 Vcore runs nice and stable think u just got a dud of a CPU, thats what happened with me would boot at 3.4 with ultra high Vcores but wasnt stable i could do 3.2GHz with an 8x Multiplier but not a 9x
  2. just set manually the memory timings to 5-5-5-15, then you should go higher, set PCI-E to 100Mhz and PCI to 33Mhz, diable CE1 and Speed step as spread spentrum too, also try to increase a bit the NothBridge Voltage and FSB termination voltage if all that dint work :roll:
  3. Perhaps your power supply is faulty? Sounds like its sputtering out when the amount of power being drawn is increased. Try swapping it out and see what happens.
  4. Thank you, I was kind of thinking that the CPU was possibly just at it's limit. I've done just about everything mentioned here except swapping out the power supply, but all of my voltages look very stable, and I'm not really loading it down with a lot of extras. I may just have to try another cpu and just sell the other. I keep hoping someone at work will order a computer with a 6600 so I can swap em out. :)
  5. once you max out the mch voltage thats it! 425 is about it - maybe 450 fsb depending in your board

    i run my systems p5w-dh at 425 max

    edit --->ok never mind you below the 380fsb the boards are totally stable at 1.55v. increase your voltage the asus boards run way low on volts.

    your chip could be bad? 3.2 is pretty good!
  6. psu uses so little power i really doubt that is the problem - at the fsb he is - the chips is not using that much power.

    they do sort chips - did u buy a oem chip? oem's can be rejects.
  7. i figured out the OEM are rejects the hard way, bought one. it did 3.0GHz max on an E6600, made me cry. bought a retail processer and im running at 3.4 now and when water cooling comes its 3.6 :)
  8. my couzin got a core 2 duo...im almost positive it was a 6600...and he OCd it to 4ghz with aircooling
  9. Quote:
    i figured out the OEM are rejects the hard way, bought one. it did 3.0GHz max on an E6600, made me cry. bought a retail processer and im running at 3.4 now and when water cooling comes its 3.6 :)

    well i cant agree with that... because i bought a OEM 6600 and using all air cooling i have it up to 3.6 ghz and ram running at 1125 mhz and its super stable and runs games great. Its all about the luck you get when selecting chips.
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