Bittorrent and Actiontec GT704-WG

I have an ActionTec GT704-WG router, which works fine most of the time (though it seems to 'forget' the DNS servers - so I need to put the DNS IP address into the PCs TCPIP config) rather that allow the router to do the lookups)

But the main problem is when I use bittorrent - then it works well for 15 minutes or so - then locks up :(

I can't even get on to the setup screen (though the 3 green lights are still on, and the vonage phone continues to work - through the router) - bit bittorrent drops to 0kbs and no web sites will open.

Any suggestions as to what I can do to not have to turn it off every 15 minutes would be welcome!

I guess that if I want to replace it with a different make I will need a DSL modem, as the ActionTec seems to be one of the few that has the modem built in??
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  1. Sounds like a over heating problem. A problem with twice the equipment in 1 box, double the heat. Might try blowing out any lint or dust from the unit. Or use some instant cool when it starts getting close, to see if it actually heat related.
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