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Hey, has anybody built much with this board? I picked it up and I got 2 GB Corsair XMS 800Mhz PC6400 RAM, but I've heard that the board is prett finicky with RAM. Has anyone experienced any problems, particularly with this memory? I'm just getting a little nervous about it...thanks.
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  1. Can anybody at least tell me their experience with this board, in any way? That would be nice at least.
  2. I got the ASUS 650i and finished my build this morning. I made a thread at the Anandtech forums with pictures of my install. I'm using Crucial Ballistix DDR2 800 not only because it's on the QVL, but because I have always had great experiences with Crucial... here's the link to my Anandtech thread:


    any questions, just ask
  3. Hey, cool man. Thanks for the pics and all too. I'm getting my memory and CPU tomorrow finally. I have everything else. But I can't do much without those two! Haha. Well, thanks man. I'm hopin' mine will be as smooth as yours. Hey, one question though. Is that static free material that you laid out or something? If it is, where did you pick that up?
  4. Quote:
    Hey, cool man. Thanks for the pics and all too. I'm getting my memory and CPU tomorrow finally. I have everything else. But I can't do much without those two! Haha. Well, thanks man. I'm hopin' mine will be as smooth as yours. Hey, one question though. Is that static free material that you laid out or something? If it is, where did you pick that up?

    the static free material was what the mobo came in, i just laid it down to work on... same with the static free bag for the RAM etc. The 650i installation was great, and I had no problems. I'll make some recommendations for you:

    #1: install your RAM in the black slots (I'm assuming your dropping in two sticks). You can put them in the yellow slots, but by putting them in the black slots they will be farther away from the NB heatsink.

    #2: Right when you get into the BIOS, set your RAM timings to the factory specs and 2T first. Also, for my RAM, the factory spec voltage was 2.2v. I initially chose the voltage option right below 2.2v, but since then have used the 2.25v (I think) option.

    Any more questions during your build I'll answer them here
  5. The static material was what the mobo came in? I'm not sure I understand. I know it's in the static free bag and all. Is there something else in the mobo box I haven't seen or something? But yeah, I'm dropping two sticks in. That's a good idea for the black slots.
  6. Quote:
    The static material was what the mobo came in? I'm not sure I understand. I know it's in the static free bag and all. Is there something else in the mobo box I haven't seen or something? But yeah, I'm dropping two sticks in. That's a good idea for the black slots.

    yes it's the static free bag it came in... are you planning on overclocking? What CPU are you getting? What are your plans for cooling?
  7. I'm getting an E6600. I might do a little overclocking. Not much experience with it so far. I got an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro though.
  8. Im running the P5N-E SLI with an E6300 @ 2.6ghz and OCZ DDR2-800 Platinum at 4-4-4-12 @ 2.095V I believe. I dont think the board is really that picky as long as you get name brand memory..?
  9. Yeah, I just put everything together this week using Corsair XMS2 ram. It's worked fine so far. I'm gonna run Prime95 though.
  10. Gonna be building with this board using Gskill. Will let you guys know how it goes. Thanks for the pics.
  11. I have the same board and memory. It has been running for a week. I had to move to the black slots and the first manual voltage setting for the memory. It became stable at that point and able to play Company of Heros w/o freezing up.
  12. I just got the same board 2 days ago..E6600,1 gig of pqi..and an 8800gts..it won't post..I'm thinking its the ram..anybody else have an opinion?
  13. What power supply are you using?
  14. I put a corsair 520 watt..Every one was saying how much power it has...I'm thinking its the memory.
  15. I have P5N-Sli with E6300, corsair 520 p/s, and 2 gigs of ocz platinum DDR2-800. When i first booted it wouldnt turn on, so i replugged all of the cables to make sure they were all in and i also took both of the memory modules out and replaced them and it booted fine after i did all of that.
  16. Booted no prob with Gskill ddr2 - 800.
  17. It was the memory...Put in a 1 gig stick of Super Talent PC 800 and it fired right up..no problems since..totally stable..
  18. I'll just keep this in the same thread. Have any of you guys done anything with the Southbridge? Cooling or anything? I've been looking all over for a Southbridge heatsink or something. No luck really. What have you guys done?
  19. just got this board yesterday, waiting to get my E4300 hopefull it will be sitting on my door step this evening when I get home. You can see everything in this build in my sig. I was a little gun shy about getting this board considering I haven't heard much about it and even the Asus site was problematic for getting info.

    I'm glad to hear the G. Skill did well since that is what I got. I'll post my results after the build is together. I do plan on overclocking this so I'll also post my results on that when I get around to doing it.

    anyone know if you can set up a raid 0 on this board using 1 sata HD and 1 IDE HD like you could on some of the older Asus boards. I didn't see anything in the printed manual and I haven't taken a look at the CD yet to read what is on there, but thought I would ask if anyone knew off hand.
  20. I couldn't tell ya about the RAID man. I only have one HDD. I thought I heard something like that, but it may have been another Asus board.
  21. I just built an new pc:

    Asus p5n e-sli
    Core 2 Duo E6600
    BFG 7600GT OC
    Adata DDR2 800 (2sticks of 512)

    I've been having nothing but problems. Short version of the story is:

    froze up while loading windows install files
    got xp installed but still having lock/freeze up problems.
    I was able to play F.E.A.R for about 1/2 hour with good graphics settings but then froze up
    Same problem playing a DVD (froze up 20min into it)

    So, now I have one stick of ram in the second yellow slot. I haven't had any freeze ups yet and it passed MemTest with no problem (Passed with two sticks in both the yellow slots as well [it just occurred to me that I should try to do MemTest with both sticks in the black slots as well, just to see] )

    Someone suggested (on the asus forums) to put both sticks in the black slots. If I do that I can't boot up past the windows 'welcome' screen.

    I'm going to swap out the one mem stick for the other when I get home. If both run with no problem on there own then I will try putting both of them in the A or B side and run without dual channel. If it runs fine with both in one channel then I will assume there is a problem with the mobo and send it back.

    P.S. A friend of mine built the identical system as me and he has been up and running for a week with no problems at all.

    Could be that I just have a bad board or bad memory.

    Check out the ASUS forums there are some posts on there with people having similar problems but most say their problems went away when putting both sticks in the black slots.
  22. What's your PSU? What kind of CPU cooler are you using? How are your temps? I have my memory in the black slots too, it works fine. I have Corsair memory that isn't specifically on the QVL for RAM, but Corsair obviously is. Maybe Adata was never tested on the board? I don't know. Could be the memory. I would like to know what your PSU is though.
  23. Looking at the QVL, A-data's on there alright. Could just be a bad board, or maybe PSU?
  24. I swapped the power supply out and still have problems.

    The case came with an Antec 430W Neo HE

    I swapped an Antec 350W Smartpower from my old machine.

    The CPU temps are normally in the 32-36º with no load. Never seen the CPU temp above 50º.

    The mother board temps are usually about 30-34º

    Like I said my friend built the same machine with same memory and is working fine.
  25. Well, I know that Antec's NEOHE line has had problems with a lot of Asus boards. But, since you tried it with a Smartpower, I guess the PSU might not be the issue. If your friend's board works just fine with the same memory, maybe it is indeed the board. You said you ran Memtest and the memory tested fine right? Maybe you should RMA the board. I know that can suck. :?
  26. If the computer boots and you were able to run FEAR for example i doubt its the memory itself. Did you try uping hte voltages on the ram?
  27. well i got my system together this morning (see sig) minus my hard drive waiting to get it from newegg.com. Booted perfectly no problem recognized everything. Tried ram in all the slots no problem. Now all I need is my damn hard drive to load all my drivers.

    It should be noted that I have not updated the bios.
  28. Have any of you tried this 'video card stability' test app?

    video card stability test

    I ran it on my BFG Nvidea 7600 GT OC and got a bench mark of 775. is that good or bad. The app has a web page that says it should be over 800

    bench mark results

    I don't know how accurate or meaningful the test is.

    I chat'd with New Egg this morning and I'm going to see if I can send back everything I bought for replacement parts. I've spent a week trying to figure out what's wrong and I'm just tired of trying any more.

    Yeah, this definitely sucks :cry:
  29. Well I ran the 'benchmark' part of that 'video card stability test' and found I was getting numbers 1/2 of what others with the same card are getting.

    My friend has the same system as I do and get a benchmark score of 14xx. When I run it I'm only getting 775-845.

    So I'm sending my card back for a replacement. Hopefully I will have it by the end of the week and then I can see if it has been the core of my problems (If not I'll have to assume it's the motherboard).

    Reminder:This is the BFG Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT OC 256m
    (It would be interesting to see what other people with the same card get)
  30. I know this is off topic, but I got my system together and it is running stable (see sig for parts). My question is regaurding the bios and overclocking. I'm confussed about how I go about overclocking this with out using there AI overclocking feature. I have changed the setting to manual, But I'm unsure of where I'm supposed to make my changes from there. I see the CPU & RAM FSB tab with values from 533-3000, is this where? any help or explanation of this would be greatly appricaited!
  31. Yeah man. When you change it to manual, then you can change voltages, FSBs, etc. I have my voltages set as follows: Vcore = 1.45V, Mem = 2.0852 (I think it is...), NB = 1.56something. I have my memory and CPU FSB set to unlinked. It seems to work better that way. You want to put your memory voltage at what is specified by the manufacturer too, as well as the timings. I believe the timings settings are all in the "CPU Configuration" portion in the BIOS. Anyways, hope this helps! Anyone else is welcom to chime in as well. With those settings I'm currently running my E6600 at 3.0 Ghz stable. I had it stable for 8 hours on Prime95 at 3.1Ghz, but then it wouldn't boot after that, strangely enough. I've been leaving it at 3Ghz for now.
  32. thanks for the reply, but I guess where I'm confussed is the 533-3000 thing. I'm used to seeing the actual FSB # to change and I guess I'm just not sure what this is telling me and where I need to sart making my changes. I know that this chip is 800mhz FSB. so is that I just add say 10% to get a 808FSB, as an example?
    In this case I'm confussed on how the calculation is done. say I'm shooting to get 3ghz out of this chip what would the set FSB need to be.
  33. To get to 3 Ghz, this is what I do, as far as FSB is concerned. I take the amount of Mhz, that being 3000, divide that by the multiplier, that being 9 for my E6600. I'm not sure what it is for the E4300. But when I take 3000/9 = 333.33Mhz. That would be the bus speed I believe. I multiply that number by 4, as it's a dual core CPU, which brings me to my desired FSB, which is 1333.32 Mhz. That is the value that I plug into the "533-3000" thing. That help? You can plug any multiplier in there, whether it's 7 or 8 for the E4300.
  34. yes that is exactly what I needed!!!

    unfortunatley, now I have other issues. I went to turn on the system as normal and now no power. Led on board is on (green) but I'm getting nothing to come on. I check the case switches with my multi metter and they are good...any sugestions?

    system was working fine, no overclocking nothing. Now i'm just baffled.
    Help please!
  35. All the power connectors are right and all? Nothing slipped out of place? You didn't take anything out of its slot?
  36. nope everything was in place still nothing no fans nothing. I RMA the PSU to newegg so i guess my project is on hold till i get the new replacement.

    Funny thing is I bought a good psu and it fails 3 day later, but my $10 psu I have in my old system has lasted 5 years with out any problems...guess that is the luck of the draw.
  37. I finally got all the pieces together and set this thing up on the bench. e4300, P5N-E, 2x1024MB Corsair DDR2 800, RAID 0, 8800GTS (building with a 7300GT till it goes in the case), OEM cooling for now. The RAM is the 4-4-4-12 2.1v stuff but it is on SPD settings for now.

    Booted fine with RAM in yellow slots. Set BIOS and rebooted with Awdflash/0401.BIN floppy and flashed to that right off. Disabled all the unnecessaries in BIOS and loaded XP (slipstreamed) onto a RAID 0 array. Rebooted and loaded the chipset and display driver and checked CPUz. The Corsair RAM is running right at SPD speeds 400MHz 55514 1T. EPP is 44412 but I haven't played with that yet.

    This is about as far as I can go till I get the case modded and put all the watercooling gear in but here is the system to date. :eek:

    Yeah its a mess but don't laugh, I have built 4 rigs on this little bench setup with an ESD pad installed. I'll load virus and all the garbage on there so it will be ready to go whan the case is set up.

    This was a completely troublefree install. So far I am pretty happy. I can't patch XP yet as the same load is on my Opte 165 system but most patches are slipstreamed in already. One thing i noticed is that the chipsets are hot, very hot, even at stock everything. If you aren't cooling both of these chipsets then I can guarantee you will have problems with even a little overclocking.
  38. Nice rig man. Youll be really happy.

    p.s. Make sure u update your SIG to show off your new setup!!
  39. well I got my PSU back and still wont fire up the board. I get the LED to light up but nothing else will come on. I guess now it must have something to do with the board as I have checked everything a dozen times. I'm going to RMA the MB and start again towards the end of the week when hopefully I will get a replacement.
  40. I'm sorry to hear all that man. That's a bear. I'm sure it'll be worth it in the end though. Mine's been running smooth. I'm sure yours'll be great once you get the right stuff.
  41. Ive heard of plenty of people having trouble with there ASUS boards....i was lucky enough to get a good one i suppose......
  42. My previous Asus board never had any problems in 5 years.

    I'm still not sure if the board is the problem (see previous posts in this thread). I think I may have a bad graphics card. I'll find out tonight when my new card arrives.

    If that doesn't solve my problems then I will have to RMA the motherboard and hope that that is the problem.
  43. When i first booted my P5N-E SLI it wouldnt boot and just a light and the fans came on. Then i took the ram out put 1 stick in the black slots and it booted fine. After that i went into the bios and upped the voltage and put the other stick in the black slot. If your board shows a solid green light and all the fans and stuff turn on, i doubt it's going to the be motherboard over the ram or video card. Also make sure all the power plugs are connected again just to make sure.

    PS: Probably easiest way is to take all the parts out, put the cpu/fan, ram, video card, and power and see if you can boot into the bios.
  44. OK,

    I got my replacement BFG 7600GT OC card yesterday and I re-ran that 'video card stability test'. Remember with the old card I was getting about 775 while others with the same card were getting 14xx.

    I ran the test on my new card and got a score of 1499!

    So there was definitely a problem with my old card.

    This doesn't mean that I've solved all my problems yet though.

    I installed 'Far Cry' on my pc and set all the graphic settings to 'very high'. I ran with out any problem at all, not the slightest glitch or hang. I was able to play for a couple of hours but did eventually get a BSOD (while it was loading the next level).

    So tonight I've got to try some more tests.

    I've read on this or another forum that the Memtest should be run for longer than I ran it for. I've read that you need to run it at least through test #5. All the time I ran it I stopped after test #4 thinking that if there were no errors after 4 test I should be fine.

    So that is where I'll start tonight. My other thought is to re-install windows XP to make sure there were no problems with the first install.
  45. Well, sounds like things are looking up for you. Continue to keep us posted!
  46. I'm going to be getting this board too for my new rig.

    Has anyone tested Patriot memory onit? I want to ge tthe Patriot Extreme.

    Also, this is gonna sound newb, but what is "QVL"?
  47. Quote:
    I'm going to be getting this board too for my new rig.

    Has anyone tested Patriot memory onit? I want to ge tthe Patriot Extreme.

    Also, this is gonna sound newb, but what is "QVL"?

    We all have questions man. Don't sweat it. To answer your first question, I haven't tried Patriot. I know there are a couple Patriot modules on the QVL.

    QVL stands for "Qualified Vendors List." It's just a list of memory modules that the manufacturer has officially tested to be stable on the board. I was worried a little bit because my particular Corsair module was not on the list, but Corsair is a very reputable and good quality brand, as is Patriot. My RAM works fine, even though it's not on the list. I would suspect Patriot would probably be fine as well, but if you want to totally play it safe, get something off of the list. You can find it in the board's manual, or here: http://www.asus.com/999/download/products/1474/1474_10.pdf
  48. well I got my new MB yesterday and got it all together and it started flawlessly!!!! Right now I have it OC to 3150mhz and ran Prime 12 hours no errors. I will up it some today to see if I can get a little higher.
  49. No, nothing looking up for me.

    Last night I re-installed windows. Everything was fine for a couple of hours. Then, while I was looking at some photos in 'slide show' and listening to some mp3s the computer just shut down and restarted.

    I was installing a program and had to restart after installing. When it booted back up, ALL MY VIDEO DRIVERS WERE GONE. I re-installed the drivers and got the screen back to normal. I had to restart later and as it was shutting down I opened the DVD drive to get the CD out. The drive bay was still open when it shut down. I tried to restart and found that the machine would not start. The lights would come on and it would start to power up, then the CD drawer would start to close about 1 inch and it power off. I tried again and the CD drawer moved another inch before it shut down. I closed the CD drawer and then it booted up fine.

    I tried to run Nvidia's stability test. It would play the video of the monsters dancing, but it only played that twice and then it never appeared on the screen again (even though the test kept running and I could see that the CPU was ramping up and down.

    I tried to run Memtest overnight again and in the morning I looked like it was still going but in fact it was hung up on pass #3.

    I'm so tired of trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with this thing. Not sure I'll ever buy from Asus again.

    I'm not sure if I have enough time left to RMA NewEgg, So I might have to RMA through Asus.
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