so how long would a X1950 XT serve me for?

I have a situation thats been worrying me recently. I am in the process of building a new pc and one of my first thoughts was to look at getting a 8800 gtx and the like. Obviously the benefits are clear, spectacular performance in todays games, and compatibility in upcomming titles. But to be honest, i can't really afford one (i could at a push, but only the gts) and i looked at the midrange cards available today, and have got my eye on the X1950 XT. Its a stunning card for the price but will i look back later this year when games like Crysis and UT2007 come out and regret not purchasing a dx10 card. i mean im just wondering weather my setup i put together would handle such titles (i know no one can really answer that but i'l keep talking :wink: )
To build a brand new pc just to see it stall in the latest games is questionable and i think a waste of money on my behalf.

there's my own little story and i thought i'd put in my current system specs just for laughs (i play cod2 on a daily basis online with this)

dont know what motherboards in it (VIA)
AMD athlon Xp 1.8
nVidia Fx 5500...
crucial 640mb ddr 2700 or sumthing
500w psu

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  1. There is no absolute answer. One thing is for sure, the X1950XT will do provide a much better gaming experience for quite some time to come than your FX5500 has given you thus far. No comparison the upgrade you are about to make.

    If you don't have the money for a GF8, then a $200 X1900XT 256MB or $250 X1950XT 256MB is an outstanding buy. A few things to think about are:
    1) we don't know how the X1950XT will do in Crysis, but early gameplay demo videos were running on a single X1900 series card and looked pretty amazing.

    2) we don't know how well the GF8800's will do in DX10. They could tank bad. But the latest DX10 gameplay videos are running on a 8800GTX and they look fantastic.

    3) Crysis is delayed until around September 2007. By that time R600 and the G80 refresh will be out, and maybe even a refresh/release after that. Basically, the GF8800GTX will either be much cheaper, or no where near a $600 card 9 months from now.

    Basically, buy for now. 8800GTX provides the best DX9 gameplay now if you play at high resolutions. But if you don't have the cash, a $200-250 card could provide very good performance and you should be able to get a 8800 or something better for alot less way down the road when you need more performance.
  2. It should last you a year or even two. That's a great card, and cheap. It should handle crysis ok. You won't be able to use the DX10 features, and you probably won't be able to MAX it out, but it should run fine. All the in-game demos up unitl now have been using dual X1900XTX's.
  3. Damn, you beat me to it. I thought those demos were using x-fire x1900s.
  4. hey, thanks for the replies, and for the reassurance in me buying a X1950 XT

    yer i thought i would put my specs in just for laughs. its not the best, but i does what i want it to do...just.

    i havent seen many videos, and clearly alot less informed about things as you are, as i didn't know what was powering them, so thats of great help to me.

    i can accept that i won't be able to play it with all the flashing lights turned on and all, thats what these dx10 cards were made for. But if it can play them at least then i will be more than happy (and play current titles pretty darn well too)

    I've been waiting to upgrade for some considerable time, it sucks when i set all the graphics settings to their lowest settings and still not get a playable frame rate (something like 15fps on average maybe a bit more :wink: )

    p.s. has it been delayed until September 07? i thought it was like march-may, wow. thanks a load
  5. The X1950XT is a DirectX 9 card. Developers will likely continue to support DirectX9 for at least another 4+ years. Last year, developers phased out support for DirectX 7 cards.
  6. :D Finally beat you and Prozac to a new topic.

    Some of the videos may have later been dual X1900's; I'm not sure. I am going back around E3 when talks were a single X1900.

    IGN Quote: "For reference, the gameplay demo we were shown was running on an X1900 (not dual) "
  7. Interesting question.

    I dont know how you feel about this, but with the new DX10 cards coming out, there are a lot of hardcore gamers selling their "old" X19.... cards on ebay etc, you could get a real bargain, and then, if you do feel you need extra performance you could sell the card (and as its already second hand you wouldnt lose much off the price you will pay for it now - same with cars eh!) and get a 8800/R600 later on, I can tell you right now, that for the next 6 months or so the X1950XT is still gonna be right up there in the top 10 cards money can buy, and on a price/performance chart its gotta be within the top 3. You will sacrifice nothing.

    I have bought both my last two graphics cards second hand, and they have worked just fine (6800GT and a X800XTPE), not always the case I know, but you gotta love doing stuff on the cheap!
  8. Only an idiot would buy a 8800gtx now at those prices get yourself the x1900xt for $200 or x1950xt for $250 and be happy for the next year until proper dx10 games come out that will really test your card.

    In a year there will be a much more powerful card than the 8800gtx available for $300 buy that and sell your x1950xt for $100 ebay you will have incredible performance in dx9 and dx10 games for the next two years for $500 $100 dollars less than the uproven 8800gtx
  9. Depending on the brand of PSU you have it might require an upgrade when you get an X19XX card. Just a possibility. Can you list the Amps on your +12V rail(s)
  10. hey,

    thats a real possibility, so thanks for the heads up on that one.

    i will most probably buy it for now and sell it next year when dx10 cards become a real option for me, thanks for the advise dos

    @ Valtiel: not sure if you saw it but im putting together a whole new build, (see sig). Sorry if my current specs confused you, and i just got a ocz 700w psu today, and i think that should be powerfull enough for most things
    thanks anyways
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