My First Water Cooling Setup - Recomendations -

As a new present to myself for christmas :wink: i thought id go all out water cooled on the old cpu :twisted: heres what it's narrowed down to.

Water Cooling Checklist /Price List

#1 Water Block: Swiftech Storm G4 Or Apogee "Universal"
#2 Water Pump: Eheim 1250 /Other?
#3 Radiator: HeaterCore Dual 2x120mm 1/2" Or Swiftech MCR320-QP Triple 120mm Or Thermochill PA120.3
#4 Tubing: 15/20ft 1/2" ID Tygon R3603 /Other
#5 Reservior: Danger Den Cylindrical Res /Other Recomendation?
#6 Clamps: ??
#7 Thermal Compound: Arctic Silver 5

Either way i will be buying myself a water setup but i thought i should get some input and see what everyone would
recomend. this will be cooling my current socket a setup :mrgreen: but will be for future upgrades "core 2 duo" in the future.

On another note, i have the cash here for it all now but if you know of a place i can get these
parts cheap or used seconds please dont hesitate to let me know, the cheaper the better :)
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  1. If money isn't an issue and your not going with a quad core cpu the response seems to be the storm is best cpu block over the apogee.
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