Computer stress testing

I have just bought a new computer....
EVGA 680i
8800 GTX
2 gigs crucial ballistics 800MHz
OCZ 750 power supply

I am planning on overclocking the system, bought i was wondering what everybody uses to stress the system to see if it is stable?

if possible pls post likes to downloads.

Thanks a lot
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  1. Super Pi and Prime 95. You'll want to run Memtest as well. Google them.
  2. I have used SuperPi, Orthos, Prime95, Intel Thermal Analysis Tool, Passmark Burn in Test and Everest Stress Test. If you want to heat up a CPU, use the Intel Thermal Analysis Tool (TAT). It gets my CPU hotter than anything else by a wide margin. If you want to do a CPU burn in or long term test, use Orthos. For everything, use Passmark's Burn in Test, but it is annoying until you hit the mute button. Last but not least, boot up a Memtest CD and let it run overnight. If your computer survives TAT, Orthos and Memtest, you're good to go.

  3. I downloaded most of the tools already mentioned by other posters from
  4. you could do prime 95 and be boring or be orginal!
    run 2 test on hardcore down load stablity test:,7146-order,1-page,1-c,alldownloads/description.html

    below u see how i test and tune pc's p4 965 4.45-4.6ghz

  5. I downloaded that tester and ran it in hardcore. It sure loads up the CPU. Better than anything I've tried so far. Doesn't heat the CPU up, but I can't accomplish anything else while it's running. I can do other stuff while Prime95, Orthos or TAT or running. Or even all 3 at the same time. But with this running in hardcore mode, there is a 3-5 sec lag on everything. At least I pass.

  6. i have run that test on every pc i built - i starting runing 2 at time or more with dual chips. if you run other stuff with it on you may lock up your system - its a good way to tune your system.

    typically if locks up with 1 test, you need to fine tune more until it does not.

    i run it for several days as a final test
  7. That stability test you're talking about must be running at a very high priority. Which is why Windows appears to be unresponsive during the test. Orthos allows you to easily adjust the application priority, also. If you set it to 10 you'll get the same annoying symptoms. The cpu is fully loaded with orthos even at a lower priority, so it isn't worth the headache.
  8. Well i am no computer expert (software) - i just build them - hardware expert lets say. But, the bottom line is this: when the test system is maxed as you can see from the task manager it is unresponsive. I have shown pictures of theses tests at max, the test cycles. During lower cycles only 50% cpu usage is typical and the computer works as normal.

    This is no different then when u run 3-4 virus programs at once or what ever. Again this is same as low end pc thats filled with stuff in the start up menu and does not respond. Or when u reach your memory max with 20 windows open on browser - well with IE!

    I test pc's many ways, for gpu testing i run burnintest plus a a intensive screen saver. Same thing you maxing out all the resources.

    The interesting thing about this test is the fact that it cycles - it will catch memory or voltage issues. Such as, auto voltage on cpu may freeze a computer - after 24 hours if the system locks up then u need to make adjustments.
  9. Just finished first phase one this morning. Ran two instances of Prime95 and one Memtest overnight. Blocked the intake ports with a piece of paper and came in to Core Temp showing 71c on each core. Removed paper and temps are at 61c with Task Mangler\Performance showing 100% usage on both cores and 1.2G swapfile usage. If it makes it through today it passes.
  10. I'm running 2 instances of Prime95, SuperPi, Orthos, Everst Stress Test, and PC World stability test all at the same time. While I'm typing this (really hard with a large lag). That should be a proper test. Core temps are peaking at 57C.

  11. Quote:
    I'm running 2 instances of Prime95, SuperPi, Orthos, Everst Stress Test, and PC World stability test all at the same time. While I'm typing this (really hard with a large lag). That should be a proper test. Core temps are peaking at 57C.


    cool! killer system!

    tom - i really think that the die hard amd people will never understand what true multitasking is -- if i ever seen an example its what u just wrote.

    now try that with an amd! i mean amti
  12. Passmark BurnIn Test Professional 5.1
    Prime 95
    Intel Thermal Analysis Tool
  13. forumtroll...

    I am envious that you have such a low vcore and have your CPU at 3.5ghz. I have my vcore at 1.4375 and my cpu at 3.2ghz and when I run Orthos with priority 9 and the "blend" option I get temps around 62c and Orthos stops with errors after 2 hours.

    Is it the mobo?
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