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i need some advice on how to proceed on this.

my zyxel modem working as a bridge has lost its connection yesterday after a short power outage. it still connects to my pc but it say that there is limited connectivity. i cant access the modems configuration through through telnet or a browser. and pinging always times out. funny thing is, my internet connection still works. i can dial (im using PPPOE) and do all the usual stuff. even the computers on my network can still connect through ICS. do i really need to do a hard reset? or are there other ways?

my 2nd problem is i want to transfer my modem to my switch so that i dont have to use ICS. i tried it before but it doesnt allow my computers to access the net. i can ping some sites using the configuration utility but i cant ping them on the command prompt. so i guess the problem lies on the lan side.

if anybody can give me some advice id be really gratefull.
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  1. You will need to do a reset to manufacturers default. Sometimes these things can be a pita and you cannot do anything but reset.

    As far as the Router/Modem to a switch goes. This should work fine for you as long as you have DHCP enabled on the router.
  2. Quote:
    i want to transfer my modem to my switch

    A switch will not work as a router.

    You will need to purchase a router. Most all routers mad today will give you hardware firewall. You can use the switch to expand the number of ports for your lan.
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