P965 Platinum Memory problem

I've already got an RMA for this board with an Asus P5W on the way. But I thought I'd try for help on this board before I resign myself to the more expensive Asus mobo.

Corsair TWIN XMS2 2x1024 800MHz 4-4-4-12
eVGA 7600GT
WD Raptor 150GB
Rosewill 550W PSU
Apevia case

The first time I put the system together it wouldn't post. The 4 LED's indicated a memory installation error. I had the two memory sticks installed in slots 1 and 3 for dual-channel operation. I re-inserted the memory several times with the same problem. Finally I removed the stick from slot 3 and it booted fine.

Next I tried swapping the sticks, thinking maybe one was bad. The machine boots fine with one stick in slot 1, but will not boot if I put the second one in slot 3.

Placing the second stick in slot 2 allows me to boot also, and I have all 2 GB of RAM, but only single channel. Additionally, the mobo will only run the memory at 5-5-5-18 timings using SPD. If I manually change it to 4-4-4-12 it will not boot, even it I up the Vdimm to 2.1V as Corsair recommends.

With a single mem stick I can run at 4-4-4-12, but not with both.

Memtest 86+ ran for 6 hours with no problems. I have the latest BIOS version installed.

So, to summarize:
- cannot run dual channel (doesn't work with slots 2/4 either)
- can't run at rated timings with 2 GB, only with 1 GB

Any ideas?
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  1. UPDATE: Looks like it was indeed a faulty mobo. I reassembled the system with the Asus P5W and there were no memory problems whatsover. I am running dual channel 800MHz 4-4-4-12 as it should be.
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