Wirless USB Mouse Not Working After Windows 7 Update (help please)

Hi. I'm writing on behalf of my boss and trying to help resolve an issue he has.

He has an Dell laptop computer that runs on Windows 7.

He has a basic, Microsoft brand, three button wireless USB mouse.

Earlier this morning Windows Update manager gave him a pop-up that said he had updates to install. He installed the updates and restarted the computer. When he restarted, his mouse wouldn't work the keyboard works fine. He tried unplugging and reconnecting the mouse and to resynching the mouse, restarting his computer with the mouse unplugged as well as plugged in, and switching the USB port of the connector, but was unsuccessful in getting it to work and asked for my help.

Seeing that the mouse appeared to be working (and it's worked flawlessly until this morning), I repeated the steps he had taken and then removed and reinstalled the drivers in the case a driver had become corrupted when updating Windows 7. Upon reinstalling the drivers and restarting the mouse worked again for about five minutes. Five minutes later, it stopped working.

I'm out of ideas. I suggested he go and purchase a new mouse, but, I'm not even sure that will make a difference since from everything I can tell, it seems to be a problem with Windows recognizing the drivers (even though the drivers have been reinstalled).

I'm hoping someone's encountered this problem before and has a simple solution.

Thanks for any assistance.
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  1. has he tried putting new batteries in the mouse? that is usually one of the first things to try, also you could uninstall the update that was installed just before this happened
  2. Yep, he put new batteries in it and then when it still didn't work, he put different new batteries in it in case the previous set of new batteries weren't good.
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