Ram problem on Radeon x1800xt

I seem to be having a problem with the ram on my Radeon x1800xt 512mb. I recently started to get massive artifacts running throughout my screen (random colored lines etc) anytime I tried to do anything 3d related. I originally thought the gpu was overheating so I downloaded ati tool and set the fan to run at 100% speed all the time, but this failed to solve my problem.

I started messing around with the various settings in ati tool until I discovered it was the ram that was causing my problems. Anytime I set the ram to a speed above ~400 mhz the random artifacts start popping up instantly, regardless of how simple the 3d application I may be running is. The higher I set the clock the more frequent and annoying the problem is. If I go ANYWHERE near the default ram speeds the problem is so rampant I can't tell what's going on on screen at all.

Does anyone know what I can do to possibly resolve this issue? Am I just hosed or what? I've had this card since about the third week they were out but still it does not seem like it should be overheating at this point (or is it not overheating at all?). I can tell for a fact that my case itself is not overheating as I have abundant air flow and no other temperature issues. I doubt the PSU is the problem as well as I don't have too many peripherals in my system and I have an antec truepower 600w. Any suggestions or solutions are much appreciated. Thanks
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  1. dont even bother with a new cooling solution. if your ram can't handle default speeds, then RMA it and get a new one. My X1800XT ran just peachy @ 45% fan speed all day long and never got produced artifacts on the stock cooler.

    RMA, get a new card quickly.
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