hi friends i have pinnacle pctv 110i capture device i installed window7 64build 7600 i can her sound but cant see any video.. even in media center..when i put for can i am getting all channels but only sound no video..plz any one help me out
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  1. Have you installed the drivers and softaware for it. Pinnnacle only list XP & Vista drivers, you can try the Vista drivers and software.
    If they don't work you're out of luck and may need to get a card that's compatible with W7.
  2. ya i have installed latest driver when i update driver its says u have installed latest driver i can see driver working properly in device manager..
  3. Have you gone to to Media Center and setup tv and scanned for channels?
    You really need to provide more information as to what you have tried to get it working.
    Statements like "when i put for can i am getting all channels" is useles as it makes no sense, if English is not your first language maybe you can get someone to help you.
    While I can follow "i am getting all channels" "when i put for can" is totally meaningless.
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