Can i have XP & 7 in same HDD ?

Hi guys , i am using Windows 7 & i am so satisfy , All of its Features are Great . I realy dont want to go back to XP but some things makes me to Go back to XP

first : XP is Realy fast for gaming , because its only DX 9 .

Second : Duke Nukem Forever doesnt run on my 7 but it runs on my Bro's Xp .

But XP has Many problems , you have to install everything , troubleshooting , searching & ..... ( 1000 other problems ) . but 7 is easy , no need to install every thing to make it work fine .

Now i realy want to go back to XP again . but i dont want to remove my 7 ,
& we know that how does single XP or 7 perform

My Question is : IF i install XP in other drive & keep my 7 , will i experience the Same SPeed that single XP ( with no other os ) can give ?

i mean if i have windows 7 & xp will i see some slow down in games ?

I feel thaT MY 7 WILL STILL the same but XP will perform slower than it can do when its alone & no other OS is present in HDD !
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  1. What version of 7 do you have,if you have pro or ultimate there is Xp mode that you can download !
  2. yes its Ultimate , but my Question is Will XP work slow if i install it beside my Windows 7 ?

    I need XP its self , so if 7 beside it ( installed on same HDD ) will make it work evenm little slower , then report me !
  3. No it will run fine , just make sure you can grab all the drivers for XP !
  4. Oh ok , all i need is 11.6 Catalyst for XP , do i need otehr drivers ?

    because as much as i know Rest of Drivers are Collected in my Motherboard CD !

    Sound & other things i mean .

    Ok is this Correct ? when i run XP nothing of 7 is running with it so it wont slow down . right ?

    i am sure you know how fast does single xp run , so how things will be when i have 2 os ? its just matter of Disk space or when i run one os other when Comes up too ? even some parts of one os !
  5. I'm not sure of the speed of XP running under 7 in XP mode, but you can install both OS's and dual boot. When the public beta of 7 first came out, I downloaded and installed it on my XP machine. Then when I would boot the machine the boot manager would come up and ask me which OS I wanted to boot to.

    I got the impression that if you installed 7 along side an already installed XP that it would work this way. I'm not sure if you can install XP on a machine already running 7 and get it to work completely this way. Of course you can take a machine already running 7, install a second hard drive, and then install XP on the second hard drive. Then you can switch which hard drive boots first in the bios and run it that way. I had originally intended to install my 7 that way but when I got it I was lazy and just installed both on the same hard drive.
  6. I Decided to go for XP for some time & remove windows 7! thats the safest way & i ll be sure about everything

    Any way thanks a lot , only thing i will lose & i will be so sorry about is My GTA EFLC saved Data , which i cant find & i will have to play it from begining
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