Anyone have inside information on this? -> (8800GTX ACS3)

Does anyone know when the ACS3 version of EVGA's 8800gtx graphics card (OVERCLOCKED) will be available in stores or on-line for purchase? If you have inside info on this , then please let us all know. We promise not to tell anyone :P
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  1. As far as I know, it's an engineering sample. I have checked the Evga site and still has no hint of it on sell. You can always buy the regular version and still would be able to overclock it.
  2. are you referring to this article?

    It is the INQ so you never know, they could be making the whole thing up! :wink:
  3. EVGA has an announcement on it. Here is the info -> It will definately be released, but i wonder when that will be. It currently shows it is on "BackOrder".
  4. Cool, so they are selling out those ACS3 version.
  5. Actually they haven`t sold any yet. They use the term 'BackOrder' , Meaning: They don't have any to sell yet. I would love to know when they will actually start selling these. Which is my main question.
  6. It looks pretty cool. I like the new cooler design. And of course this card is overclocked. :)
  7. Yes. I can't wait until they start selling these. :)
  8. I finally found the card in stock for a whopping $654. :( Going to wait for the price to go down a little bit before i buy it.
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