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BIOS MS-7093/MS-7184

Last response: in Overclocking
January 6, 2007 6:17:58 AM

i got this HP Pavilion and the bios that is on it dont makes for any changes in clock speed or any changes at all bios is ver. 3.47
now i has this question is it possible go get a bios with more choises

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January 6, 2007 7:33:31 AM

The easy answer is "no", your HP OEM board will never have a bios with enthusiast / overclocking / etc. options in it.

The longer answer is that there is a fair chance your board is essentially identical (or similar enough, mainly the chipset(s) and Super IO controller need to be the same) to another or multiple MSI retail boards. If it is, you may be able to force it to take the MSI retail board bios... but even then, that retail bios may or may not have *all* the oc/etc options you're looking for, but these days even mATX boards do tend to have more options than they used to.

Sometimes there are jumpers missing, you might need to solder in a jumper wire or cut a trace or soldered in jumper or add a pin header, etc. This is more likely the older a board is, more often on newer platforms it's all bios, no more hardware mods necessary (but I don't know what that board is like).

You might link a good picture of the board, or to further sources of info and look for the MSI retail equivalent models and report back on those. It need not have same # of PCI slots, or some other parameters... doesn't necessarily have to look identical to your board.

You listed two board model #s too, what's that mean?
The first, 7093, has a bios on MSI's site. Maybe the other does too (I didn't check). If your research finds these boards have same chipset, same SuperIO chip, are compatible "enough" in the functions you need, you might try to flash that bios.


I've flashed tons of OEM boards to retail bios, but not that board specifically and come to think of it, never an ATI chipset based board. Haven't flashed anything very recent though, usually I pick up these OEM boards after someone brings it to me and given the option of bench fees or replacement (upgrade), they go with an upgrade and I get the board- since I'd never buy an OEM system for exactly these kinds of limitations, especially when I end up with somebody's old system case, board, PSU and windows license for free and they get their choice of upgrade for lower cost... a win/win situation.

Anyway, try uniflash. If the EEPROM is socketed, you might Google for "hot swap bios chip" for description of how to pull out the original EEPROM, leaving it intact for easy reversion back to the OEM bios, and instead flashing the experimental bios to a different EEPROM - if you have a spare. The other alternative is one of those online bios flashing services where for about $15 they'll flash your choice of bios to an EEPROM and send it to you to swap in yourself... though I wouldn't tell them what you're trying to do as they may not want to deal with support for that, just tell them what bios.

If the EEPROM is soldered on, the risk is higher, only you can decide if it's worthwhile to try on this system your first time, if uniflash (what I'd try to flash it) will even work, support whatever EERPOM is on the board or the spare EEPROM you have (though it does have reasonable support).
January 6, 2007 8:22:01 AM

thanks for the answer
the chip is not in a socket so hotswap is not an option
and just checked it is the 7184 that is in the box
the thing is first it was the shutdown problems and then i put in the 3.47
bios from HP hompage
it fixed the sudden restart problems but the cpu fan started going like a 747 on takeoff so i got me a zalman bigg one that is ok noise from
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November 23, 2008 7:40:34 PM

I tried flashing this board with an MSI Bios - now the PC will not boot.

It doesn't POST or anything, so it has been bricked.

I've now been forced to find a replacement 939 board on ebay.
June 22, 2009 11:18:20 AM

Ive got the HP/Compaq SR1500AN - MS-7184 (AUS/NZ). I downloaded the Official Bios from MSI for the "MS-7093", flashed my MS-7184 bios to MS-7093 and everythings good.

From memory, i connected a Floppy Disk Drive.
Copied the MS-7093 Bios file & Award Flash EXE onto Win98 Bootdisk
Booted with the floppy
At A:\ Prompt typed "awfl855a w7093ams.390 /sn/py/ld/f"
Waited for approx 30secs to 1minute.
Award Flash completed loaded the MS-7093 Bios & instructed me to Reboot using the F1 Key. I did so, and everything is good.

Now i have access to all the settings in the bios. Made some changes to the bios, rebooted into Windows XP.
Windows XP detected all the hardward changes & i reloaded all the drivers again.

No problems.