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I am trying to decide what parts to buy to accomplish the following:

-connect 2 pcs to the internet through a router
-share a printer and separate scanner
-wirelessly connect my xbox 360 to the internet

i think i need the following
108mbps OR 240mbps wireless router
print server
wireless adapter for xbox 360

i will be wiring the connection between the modem and router, router and pcs, and router and print server. should i use cat 5 or cat 6 (price difference is negligible)? does it matter what brand i choose?

will these parts accomplish my goals? would buying a faster router bennifit me at all (from 108mbps => 240mbps)? do i need anything else? (i aready have a motorola modem with my Comcast broadband) any other suggestions would be appreciated since i have never networked anything before.

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  1. Don't mix mfg or your large packet will be lost. Stay with all D-link or Netgear, but do not mix if you want to use the higher 108 or 125 speeds. This applies to all wireless gear. So a wireless laptop proably not support large packet with out a PCMCI card.

    I do not recomend any of the 11n or MIMO hardware. Some users have good luck with them. But soon as you introduce a non device (dif mfg) every things goes south. Even neighbors can cause havac to your system.

    As for expansion, I would move up to a 8 port router. Just incase. You have a lot of hardware. You may be adding a NAS soon. Or another pc for multimedia.

    I have only had limited support/luck with print servers. Seams to loose extra features and or options. I have a NIC card in my printer. Some times 2 way comunication causes problems. If the Print servers has 2way, which it indicates it does, Make sure your MFP is on the suported list, or you may have problems.

    All of my hardware (router, AP) are seperate. Get better performace with more option on the AP.
  2. if i stick with d-link, would a usb hub be better than a print server?

    would this work to connect my xbox 360

    i think 4 port will work since all of my other conncetions would be wireless. i do not believe that they "use" up one of the ports?
  3. Print servers work good if only one direction. I one one router that had a print server built in. The print function worked, but I lost all of the card reader (SM, MS, ..) functions. It's the 2way that causes the problem. If a network card available for it, that generaly means it supports tcp/ip. You could actually make it a network device which means it will work with no problems. I tried a Hwakings one time, did not support 2way.

    If you only want print only, most work, LPT, USB is ?????

    Buy it localy and test it out.

    There are some USB switchs, but I never had the need to use one. Sorry cant help you there.

    I got tired of fighting the connectivity problem, so I bought a printer with a NIC card. Expanded the Ram to 128 (+48 meg builtin). Now when I do a big print job. It is all spooled on the printer, not on the pc. I've done over 100 pages duplexed with no problem. But then its a laserjet HP4100DN.

    I had a network scanner that was designed for a NT network, converted to FreeDNS. Then gave it back to a friend of mine. I just did the conversion for him. It was nice, ADF held 50 pages, could handle Duplex, corralate 200+ pages, convert to tiff, pdf, send to network share or personal pc. Never did activate the fax function.
  4. after looking at the compatible printers, if found that mine was not compatible, so i have to buy a new one. so i will not need to network my printer, but would still like to network my scanner if possible. can i do this and if so, what do i need (d-link)?

  5. Not likely, they are worst than printers.

    The scanner I networked was design to be networked, HP Network Scanjet 5 Scanner.

    It would be better to use a usb cable and just connect to the pc as needed.

    Sorry I haven't been much help, just tring to save you some head aches.
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