wow HD and BR is dead nobody cares!

i bought a first gen dvd player and first gen cd but i did not get a hd player?? maybe it is dead? too many hassels too much money for little eye candy? :?: :?:

fox new:

"Let's look at the big picture.

"When the freight train known as the 2006 holiday buying season roared through the technology market, HD DVD and Blu-ray stood mostly on the platform"

Consumers, however, rode the train right on by. And at the time of this writing, the two factions are — LG's announcement not withstanding — no closer to a resolution than they were when the blue laser technologies were first introduced.

What a mess."

"These formats face an uphill battle in the business market, too. They're touted as an amazing data archive option. More than once I've heard someone talk about how "one 40 GB hard drive can be backed up to a single optical disc."

I wouldn't burn 50 GB of data on a Blu-ray disc right now if someone paid me. What am I going to do with that disc? I can't find another laptop with a Blu-ray drive — no one will have one. I have no confidence that someone else will not buy a laptop with a competing format.

And what if Blu-ray fails? What if HD DVD fails? One of the formats just goes away and I'm left with a lousy coaster."
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  1. Beta Max vs VHS, Divx vs DVD, same ole story...

    except for divx still lives on.
  2. Quote:
    Beta Max vs VHS, Divx vs DVD, same ole story...

    except for divx still lives on.

    i really dont see any resemblance between divx-dvd and betamax-vhs.
    Divx is not competing with dvd. Just as cd-audio is not competing with mp3. They complement each other. You have the original quality of source in dvd and the handy compression in xvid.
  3. I think Fulmar meant DIVX (Digital Vdeo express) which is unreleated to the Divx encoding format. Fulmar is wrong in that DIVX (digital video express) is still alive though. It died in 1999.
  4. ya - i just got a xbox 360 to hook as a media extender. i be getting my big screen in few months (lcd since i have 12' slider opposit the tv) - i will be buying the hd-dvd extender for xbox. Same goes with the playstation, u be buying the blue ray dvd's if u got hd tv and ps3.

    I choose xbox since its a great extender with MCE - should work with vista soon!

    xbox 360 was for kid to game on with his friends even though we have 3-4 gaming pc's. Got keep an eye 8) on the kids :roll: its as bad as the 70's and 80's with the weed :twisted: and boze :twisted: !
  5. i had the orginal dvix from circuit city - 24 hour throw away dvd's! lol anyone remember that flop!
  6. I was going to buy a HDDVD player this xmass, but decided it wasn't worth it since an upconvert DVD player gave me the same quality on my 1080i TV. The Philips upconverter I got has the cool feature of a USB port on the front which I can plug in a flash drive or even an external harddrive and watch HD movies off that. What I got to thinking is if it takes BD an HDDVD a couple years to take hold would portable storage (harddrives and possibly flash memory) be almost as cheap to use? Also with wireless N just around the corner (well already here if you count Draft/Pre N) and media extenders becoming more popular (Xbox 360) HD content could just as easily be downloaded from the internet (with the help of optical broadband) and streamed to a high-def TV. I'm not predicting that discs will be obsolete anytime soon, but I think alternative technologys are also going to compete/co-exist as blue laser discs take off.
  7. well it does not - but u can not tell unless you go right up to and look from like 1-2 feet away - so from a practical point "yes you are right" but techinically.

    dvd = 400 lines interlaced

    dvd progressive is 800 interlaced (this is digital fill not true data)

    you have 1080i so your sitll 280 short.

    so first the 400 is up-converted with fill then the tv re-ups will fill again
    if you got a hdd you should notice a big difference up close - or they would bother to make hd-dvd's!
  8. Isn't 1080i using a 5:4 pattern on the interlaced feed, so it actually renders to 864 lines using a blend filter on the interlaced footage ?

    1536 x 864 in 16:9 aspect ratio or 1152 x 864 in 4:3 aspect ratio.

    16:10 is a bit of a mess with 864 though

    Though it is highly unlikely someone will actually bother to look it up, it is far easier to 'make up facts'.

    Of course, then there is the whole NTSC vs PAL (vs SECAM ?) encoding scheme, which only makes it more complex.

    I am quite certain with NTSC and PAL that 1080i is not actually 2:1 interlacing of lines, but in fact, 5:4 interlacing of lines.

    With a 1920 x 1200 (16:10) display, it is easy to notice these things (when close up and playing back in super slow motion).
  9. Another perfect example of why you should never watch fox news... like others have said, its too early for anyone to really have a need to buy these things.... for one we need more people with hd tvs... and while HD-DVD is cheaper it still isn't cheap enough to be very practical at this point. Just wait.
  10. convergence, neither format will do particularily well or will be very slowly adopted until the competition ends and anyone can buy a multi format player supporting everything and burner.
  11. Quote:
    I think Fulmar meant DIVX (Digital Vdeo express) which is unreleated to the Divx encoding format. Fulmar is wrong in that DIVX (digital video express) is still alive though. It died in 1999.

    I see now. I still think this Divx shouldnt be seen as competition to dvd since it is a dvd with watching limitation. It is stupid by design. They deserved at least what they got.
    Funny thing is that it was the media companies that ditched them not the consumers, according to the article.
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