Antec Nine Hundred Revised??

Does anyone have the revised version of the Antec Nine Hundred? if so can you please tell me what the Item Model Number was? I have recently placed an order for this case..the Item Model Number is 0761345-08009-5. Can anyone tell me if this is the revised version or the first version.. :(

The Right one is the revised version.

Thanx everyone! :)
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  1. i think the revised model came out a while back, you should be alright
  2. Quote:
    i think the revised model came out a while back, you should be alright
    ok thanx man. :)

    Have you checked Antecs web sight?
    Yes, but i get 2 different Item Model numbers :( ill check again thanx
  3. just checked on the Antec Website for the UK, the item model number seems to be the same as the one i purchased off amazon. I clicked on the images and i cannot tell if this looks like the revised version..can you help? Antec Nine Hundred

    Here's the website Antec, they should have updated the website if the model has been revised right?

    Thanx :!: :D
  4. Whats the revision? I can't see any difference between the two pictures excpet that one has the top two slots filled. I'd be interested to know what revisions have been made since I own an Antec 900 (probably the the first one)
  5. I see. I have the first one and do recall that problem. I just adjusted how my graphics card was screwed in and the monitor plugs in just fine.
  6. can you tell me the item model number for your Case? if you still have the details
  7. I just purchased a Nine Hundred from CompUSA this past week (great price + rebate). The box shows a similar but different UPC: 0 761345 159005, and it is the earlier version. Wish it wasn't!! The shipping label on the outside of the box indicates it was shipped to the store on 11/22/06--I have no way of telling how long it was at their distributor's warehouse before that (it did not come directly from Antec to that store). Hope that helps!

    edit: OOPS!! (Original post of this response identified UPC as same)
  8. Quick Question: Anyone using the Antec 900 + Tunic Tower 120... Are you able to use the Fan Control knob that came with the Tuniq? It fills a backplate/slot and only has a knob Hi/Low for control. It doesnt plug into the motherboard or anything. My problem is when I tried to install it, the knob is wider than the open slot >< I bought a seperate front panel Fan controler so I guess I can use it instead but figured Id ask incase there was a reason I had to use Tuniq's controler.
  9. Hm, mebbe I didnt pull hard enough. Since I wasnt Sure it could be pulled off I was a bit afraid to break it =-)

    It came right off this time hehe, thanks a ton! It was 2am when I was messing with it and it seemed I was yanking on it rather hard but I guess not!
  10. The modification between the two versions is very minor. The only way to tell the difference is by looking at the strip of metal (or lack thereof) that goes between the I/O panel and the first PCI slot. As you can see in the picture the new version lacks this strip of metal.

    A new part number was not issued for this change, and the box has not been modified in any way between the two versions. This means that, unfortunately there is no way to tell which version you have just by looking at the box. Only the initial first shipment (5000 pieces) of the case had the first slot issue. Since then tens of thousands of new units have been shipped with the correction, starting in mid December. While there still are some of the 5000 original units out in the retail channel, the majority of Nine Hundreds in existence today feature the revision.

    The good side is, only those motherboards that have their graphics card in the top slot and use DVI connectors are affected, which is a small percentage, as most motherboards place their graphics card slots one or two town from the top.

    If you do happen to run into this issue, please contact Antec customer support at or and they will provide you with a solution.
  11. Welcome, Antec customer support.
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