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I've got a question about my 21" Dell

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January 6, 2007 3:15:03 PM

So I got this new monitor, Dell P1130 21", and I did a color return because everything was a little pale, and it was ok then. After that I went away from the computer and when I returned it was you know, turned off, and when you hit a key on the keyboard or move the mouse it turns back on. Well I don't think I see a difference in Windows environment, but when I ran a game the display was kind of green. I was wondering now should I do a color return, and more importantly if I don't want to do color returns several times a day should I just disable the powering off from control panel > power options ?

But then it'll have to be running all night, illuminating my whole room, and of course, consuming more electricity.

I didn't have this problem with my old 17" Samsung, but it wasn't flat screen, maybe this is the reason it doesn't need "color returns" if it is turned off.

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January 6, 2007 6:44:31 PM

Also about my problem, well I don't think that's my problem anymore.
Now I discovered that my monitor has this green tint in games, while I don't think it's that obvious in Windows environment. What could be the problem ? The cables are all plugged and screwed in.
My video card is a Gigabyte 6600GT with 9*.** drivers..

I don't think that it should be losing its blue colors so early, it's only 2 years old. My brother's Sony e400 I think has a similar trinitron panel and his monitor isn't having this green tint yet and it's even older, I think 3years old

Please somebody help me.
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