picture quality: radeon x1xxx series vs geforce 7xxx series

is it true that geforce 7xxx series brings more quality to the picture of most games compared to the radeon x1xxx series?

i read some articles in Indonesian language which showed me that ati lacks the quality to its rival especially in games which has nvidia logo attached. the way too overbright in nfs most wanted if using ati card, the not too soft shadow in splinter cell games and sometimes no shadow at all. and so on like that..

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  1. Sounds like the exploitation of an ATI driver problem in attempt to endorse nVidia to me :wink:
  2. so it's all about driver issue to ati, you think? :)

    i used ati too and encountered none of the above posted picture experience in most wanted.
  3. I always thought ATI had a slight edge in image quality. I wonder if this is an issue in any other games. Pretty lame actually, I've have the PS2 version of Double Agent, and even it renders Sam's shadow.
  4. Stuff like that usualy is a driver prob. It will be fixed, for sure; take the number of copies of these games that have been sold divided by the number of people running a x1K series card, probably more than a few emails have been sent to ATI.
  5. Aside from the NV control panel, the newest drivers from both companies dont seem to produce many problems. Dont buy into the Get in the game or TMIMTBP BS.... if either one of those two giants throw enough $$ at a developer, then you can bet you'll see very slanted game results.
  6. The nfsMW picture of those buildings light up like mad is bs.
    I played most wanted on a G6600 and those building light up just as much, depends on where the sun is. The ati picture has the sun shining on the buildings.

    The thing in most wanted that ati has is that the road lights up at the horizon, wich doesnt look nice.
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