configuring Senao Long-range Bridge and SMC repeaters

I need help configuring a Senao nl-2611CB3 plus (deluxe) (802.11b). I have satellite internet through hughesnet and would like to transmit it to a couple houses. Right now I have a SMC Wireless Ethernet Bridge (802.11g) access point.

I have tried configuring the senao bridge as an access point and then repeating using a SMC bridge, but nothing but problems.

help! help! help!
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  1. Bridges are required on each end. Multipoint bridging is a option for most AP/bridges.

    Can you tell me on a satellite service do you use a phone or cell tower for uplink?
  2. Yes you need both ends of the bridge setup. Does your equipment support WDS?
  3. Thanks for the help so far, guys!

    Basically I have a hughesnet satellite as internet service, so I don't use a phone at all. I have a satellite modem connected to a linksys router. The router uplinks to a Senao nl-2611cb3 bridge/accesspoint. I'm told the Saneo bridge doesn't support WDS.

    I"ve had the Saneo set up as an accesspoint, and then laptops (if they are within range) as well as computers connected with an external antenna through SMC clients can connect to this. It has worked, but now I"m trying to set up one of the SMC as a repeater to retransmit the signal. That's where I"m running into a brick wall. Although the SMC works well as a ethernet client (connecting a high-gain antenna to it, and then a computer). It does not allow me to repeat the signal.
  4. I did not think the SMC Bridge could function as a repeater. From What I had read it was a brifge only.
  5. According to the manual, the SMCWEBT-G can function as a repeater. Is it possible to repeat the signal coming from a Saneo accesspoint/bridge that does not support WDS?
  6. A repeater is just a relay. You enter the MAC address of the Host you want to rebroadcast.

    If you use the repeater your setup would be wireless router to repeter to client pc.
  7. But you cannot use it to bridge network segments. You will need WDS for that option.
  8. OK, I confess my ignorance, I'm just learning the difference between bridge mode and an access point. What's the difference between bridge mode and 'ethernet client'?
  9. Bridge mode ties 2 networks together, requies 1 one each end.

    Client mode make the unit works like a wireless pc, can also be used for game stations.
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