Wich component to Upgrade

well hi everyone this is my first post but i already have some time reading the forums , my english is not very good and well... this is my current system
-core 2 duo e6400
-asus p5b
-2gb ultra ddr2 533 memory
-xfx 7900gt xtreme edition overclocked to 612/961
-160gb ide seagate barracuda 7200.9
-cooler master aquagate
-agiler 800w psu

the problem is that when i overclock up to 2.8 the computer starts to perform very poorly on some applications and better in others , for example sometimes just opening a file puts a 50 % load on the cpu and opens it very slowly but when i run super pi 1M my times drop to 19 seconds, computer is orthos stable. so i dont know if that is caused because im pushing that crappy ram too far (i had to buy it because that was the only one available :evil: ) or is the motherboard that is making the computer perform slow on some apps or is the hard disk i really dont know

so if have to upgrade ive thinking about asus p5n-e sli , or a 74 gb raptor or 2gb of ddr2 800mhz ram (maybe corsair or something similar) i want to overclock higher without those problems mentioned above and i just can afford 1 of those upgrades at a time :( so wich upgrade should i pick or what other options do i have to consider?

thanks a lot for your help :D

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  1. If you want to OC further then its probably the ram thats limiting you though I dont see why you are having problems with that cpu?? It should open up files instantaneously so your problem is not the cpu! Therefor I wouldnt bother throwing away 2gb of ram just to get a slightly better OC. Your cpu is fine and 2gb ram is also fine. I would save your money for the futur when youll need them honestly!

    Also if you want a performance boost without wasting money then get another HDD and raid0 them. That should help for basic performance like opening files!
  2. thanks yas and i forgot to say that i have another rig that is a pentium 4 2.4ghz so i can put the spare parts of this core 2 duo system into that computer

    and yas the problem is that my hard drives are ide so i dont think i cant make a raid array with them :S

    thanks man your help is very aprecciated!

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