physical aspect of the R600

does anyone have any idea of the physical size of the R600?

considering the 8800GTX doesn't fit all cases, are ATI going to sidestep this obvious trap and scoop up the market in that regard too?

anyone seen any pictures or description of the card concerning it's actual physical dimensions?
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  1. Nothing is known right now (friggin' NDAs :evil: ). If I had to guess, I would say they would be right around the GTX's size.

    Bottom line? Buy a full tower if you don't already have one to be safe :) .
  2. On wikipedia, they said that it should be shorter than the 8800GTX in all R600 flavors.
  3. Reports say that the r600 boards, through all of there many revisions, have shrunk in size over time. The board itself uses a TWELVE layer pcb. I would expect the board to be slightly shorter than the 8800gtx, but getting a full tower would still be a good recommendation still. The bigger the case...the more airflow/ventilation (typically)
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