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I am new here so please be gentle with me.

A friend of mine has a wireless netwrok that is not secure and he knows it. He wants to setup his 'Hot Spot' so that people can use it (but not get onto his network) only when they logon to his Wireless network the router takes them to a 'web page' of some kind (customisable) to sign in to use it.

I know this exists as i have used such things in hotels and at Exhibitions.

Any ideas welcome.

Is there a Router out there made for this very application ?
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  1. Are they connecting to the admin web page of the router? Or are you using MS Zero Config and when connecting getting a sign in box or such?

    Pretty much, how are they hooking up to the router?
  2. At the moment if i switch my wirless laptop on i can log onto the unprotected wireless ntework and browse the web. I cant access the router nor can i access his PC.

    What i would like to happen is that when people log on to his wireless network, a 'web page' (or similar) appears asking you to log on - this user name and p/w will be freely available.

    The fact that it is unprotected (or at least accessable) at first glance means people will look there when they browse for Wirless networks.

    Clearer ?
  3. Ok, now I got what you are trying to do. Kind of liek walking into a coffee shop or whatnot with Broadband and needing a user id and pass to connect.

    Well I must say I am sorry becuase I have no idea right now. I will check out settings on my AP and see if there is a way to take care of this. I will get back to you later tonight when I get home from work.
  4. For what you are tring to do you will need to setup a proxy server to route them through.
  5. OK, sounds like a plan !! can i do that inside a normal ADSL wireless router ? or do i need other equipment ?
    ALL guidance welcome. :D
  6. You need to up a server to handle this. Yes More hardware. They make special hardware (AP) that have dual SSID and IP capabilty. Chekc out the USR 5453 AP.
  7. Yes, there is no way to handle this through the AP. you can set a domain up that will work but will still need a server to handle the responsibilities. the easiest situation and cheapest is the proxy server
  8. Many thanks for the help ... i dont know much about Proxy Servers ! I'm a web designer just helping a friend out.

    Where would i 'set-up' the proxy server ?
    Can i do this within a router or AP ?

    Sorry to be a bit of a dunce this isn't my field - i know about networks and pc's but now i'm a bit lost. :oops:

    Eager to learn if you can help me. :D
  9. You can do it with a AP/Router if you build your own router. That is very techincal though and I would not suggest it.

    You would add the server to your network. All you need is a old box and some software installed correctly on it and it should work fine. It will act sort of like a firewall. Everything would go in and out through the Proxy. Or I shoudl say PASS through.
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