help deciding on laptop (x2 vs either core or core2)

I can get a X2 based acer from tiger direct for 1050 after shipping and with a case.
i'm inclined to think that is the best deal, as it has a dual core proc, 2gb of mem and best of all. a x1600.

now if i go with a dell i am forced down to a 1400 for about the same price on simularly equiped systems. core duo, 2gb mem, 160gb hd (don't care about hd space but thats what is included) and x1400 (disappointing) and same screen size (15.4) 1 year warrenty (same as acer) and i put blue tooth on the dell for fair comparison but its only 20$$ and bluetooth doesn't matter to me.

the dell is also with a 20% off code that i found that changes it from ~120 off to 267 off.

the price difference is 1126 for the dell and 1050 for the acer so ~ 100 dollars.

Thank you for the input all.
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  1. oh yeah, forgot to say what i was using it for. school based apps alot, then some gaming on off time (why i want the x1600 over x1400) and the lower price is much more attractive.
  2. How many more of these do we need.

    Now yours<

    The Core 2 Duo will give you about 20% better battery life.

    The Core 2 Duo will perform about 40% better.

    The Core 2 Duo will give you similar performance because Its and awsome Processor with a Moderate GPU, but the X2 is an Okay, Processor with an Okay GPU so overall the Core 2 Duop with Good RAM would perform the same as X2 with a X1600.
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