I think my PSU is bad, confirmation/advice requested

I'm a first time builder, but I'm fairly certain I have everything correctly installed/connected. My problem is that my system will run for about 20 seconds then lose all power. The light on the mobo stays lit, but everything else dies. I can get into BIOS, but I can't do anything before the system shuts down.

I've tried taking everything out of the system piece by piece to find the problem. The only way it will run is if I take the CPU out. Does this necessarily mean that the CPU is the problem, or could it be the PSU? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

CPU: C2D E6600
MB: ASUS P5N-E nF650i
Memory: 2x1GB Corsair DDR2 800
Video card: eVGA Geforce 7950GT KO 512MB 256-bit GDDR3
PSU: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817171009
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  1. I would get a bigger PSU for one. But, if you have already taken the GPU out and tried running and gotten same result, I would say you have a problem with the CPU itself or a heat problem.

    If you have not tried with the GPU out, please do it.
  2. Same problem even when I take the GPU out.
  3. There are 2 problems I can think of.......

    1. A CPU problem, to find this out, get another CPU and see if it happens again, you can get this tested at a shop for about $30- 50 usually.

    2. A heat problem, this is what it is if it is not a CPU problem. Comps shut down to keep themselves from overheating...

    Maybe someone else here can tell you more. My advice is take it to a shop. I don't think it is a bad PSU though....
  4. Now I'm thinking that the problem is the CPU heatsink/fan. The stock heatsink has almost no thermal paste and doesn't latch onto my motherboard very well. Is it possible that the CPU is overheating in only 20-30 seconds?
  5. Tear the build back down, put the MB onto its antistatic bag... (possibly on some cardboard if using a hard surface) then rebuild.

    1. mount your cpu, cleaned of course...
    2. Mount hour HSF, check back of MB for complete latching. Should be pretty obvious. Don't forget to clean it, and apply some new thermal compound.
    3. From here, its a bit opinionated... I'd plug in a RAM module, and the Vid card, connect the MB speaker (if its off board) and then hook up the PSU.

    OK so far? Yes? Mount MB back in case, proceed with rest of build.

    No? Hmm... Ask us then.
  6. i had the same problem with my first build and it was due to the heatsink not being positioned securely over the cpu. The temps would climb steadily and then after a few seconds the computer would shut off. Make sure you have the heatsink secured and mounted properly and see if that clears up the problem.
  7. It was the heatsink. I had to practically snap the motherboard to get it in place, but once it was secure, the system fired up with no problems. Thank you for the help everyone.
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