Are CircuitCity's and TigerDirect's pages down??

So, I've been trying to get into both webpages with no luck twice already (last week, & today), I'm using more than one browser... Chrome18 & IE9... Chrome says the page is taking me to a loop, IE says the typical "IE can't display the wp"

I pinged them (thru CMD) got positive response (4pctks sent & received), still I can't get into the webpages...

Any ideas why??
Has someone had the same problem lately?
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  1. I checked both and they are not down

  2. Hardly surprising as it's been seven days since the original post was put on. :D

  3. I am currently out of the US, and will be out for a while... could that be it?
  4. Yes very well that could be!
  5. Why then?
  6. Just use to check.
  7. Pyree said:
    Just use to check.

    Thanks man!
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