JetWay 775GT1-LOGE ATX Mobo

Hey well... I was looking at this board first off because the asking price on was $95. Also what's interesting is the 3 PCI Express x16 slots. Amazing. It's SLi compatible. Northbridge nForce 570 SLI. Not bad, either. Southbridge nForce 430. Not too familiar with the southbridge. But my main question is:
Is the board worth it? I'm an overclocker and I'm hoping to crank out some juice from an Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 along with an eVGA GeForce 7900GT PCI Express x16 GFX card. This actually seems to be the best board for the money right now.

Are there any full-length reviews?

Here's the link:
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  1. old thread lots better available now
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