SFF Low Power Itunes Powerhouse

this is all hypothetical but...
How is this for a Small-Form-Factor, Relatively Low-Power, Budget Itunes Box, with serious sound

I Tunes is a multithreaded app that can consume several hundred megabytes of RAM. The new 'Cover Flow' option can bring tall and mighty PCs to their knees.

First the CPU: multi-threaded, budget, and low power at idle.

Only 1 gig of RAM, Itunes wont need more, and it saves cash

The All-important Sound Card:
yes, I know its not from everyone's favorite Hong Kong audio company, but thats the point. I read a very positive review over here:

A Micro-ATX AM2 Mobo:

APEVIA Q-Pack Micro-ATX Case with 420watt PSU

Western Digital Caviar SE16 250gig
remember that for only 75 more you can upgrade to the Samsung 500gb

A Lightscribe DVD burner

and Windows XP Home Edition

TOTAL Price: $721 -$18 rebates
around 700 American

I think this is a good shot at a low-power small form factor PC that can eat its way through Itunes' Cover flow on a budget.
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  1. Nice, but if you can see my build focuses more on CPU power and sound quality that case size.

    An ITX based form factor would add a lot of cost, and would force me to lose a LOT of CPU power and Sound Quality.

    Remember, this build needs these things in this order:
    1. Sound Quality
    2. Low Price
    3. CPU Power
    4. Small Form Factor
  2. WTF?
    Yeah, itunes 7.xxx comes with bugs and memory leaks. I won't use it again till version 7.0.3.
    So, go back to version 6 :D
  3. I have only had 1 problem with it, and it was easily fixed. I like iTunes 7
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