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We have a Great place here in Nashville, Javanco. It is a techno geeks place. Fantastic service before and after the sale. The place ain't much to look at, but great stuff fair prices and even a blow out zone where you can find just about anything. Every time I have been in (looking or buying) I have left happy.
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  1. Great Place the name, or is Techno Geeks the name, or did you forget to post it. Also, where in Nashville is it? I don't live in Nashville, but someone on here has to (besides you).
    Also, do they have a website you can order from?

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  2. I think he's just a spammer.

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  3. Looks like it
    I had already forgotten about this thread

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  4. My fault I moved (houses) and I kinda did forget about the thread the name of the place is JAVANCO the have a website Sorry about posting and forgetting My mind has a lot of problems They keep telling me the drugs help but no one else can hear them talking.

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