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I'm in the process of trying to rebuild my current website. My business is a small computer service and repair shop, but we live in a very rural location. Because of the rural area that we cover, I've been turning more and more to using remote desktop services such as TeamViewer or simple Windows Remote Desktop to remotely connect to a customer to see what is causing the issue, or to finish something that can be done remotely after hours.

I'm wanting to somehow integrate the ability to do this kind of remote system troubleshooting directly within my website. In other words, I can tell the customer to go to my website, click on a link or image, and it will download the app or installer needed to run the remote desktop services. Preferably, I'd like to not have to make the customer walk through installation steps for the program, or have to make them create some user account with the company to log in as this can get complex to try and explain over the phone sometimes. Of course, the software should ask for permission to remote into the system for security reasons.

Is there anything like this available that I could plan to incorporate with my business? What's the best way of integrating it with a website?
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  2. I don't think logmein or Goto My Pc is for websites is it?
    I think he looking for some thing like this site
  3. Windows Small Business Server and Sever support routing RDC to connected desktop clients. You could integrate it into your website without much effort with a simple redirect to each computer's address. A RDC window would come up in the browser and the user would log in.
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