Cable Modems (literally) Lightsaber Duel

OK.......this is a generic question, which makes it all the easier to answer, right? :)

I'm in a star wars club at my school (yes, virginia, there is a star wars club...)
, and I'm the tech whiz in it, so my job is to do anything tech related, like build a few game rigs, and set up the internet connection. Our HQ is at a teacher's house, but he uses we just ordered charter 3Mbps cable,
and the modem provided is a motorola surfboard SB5120, a quite competent one, as i've heard. However, I myself use a D-Link DCM-202 cable modem at home, and it is very fast.

Should i get the motorola included, or get the D-Link?

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  1. There is nothing wrong with the modem it is spec at 38mbps downloads and 30mbps up. So it will cover you with out any problem.

    The specs can be found here
  2. I know the specs :) ...Just wondering which one is more reliable...since I only have the experience of one.

    Also, forgot to add, I'm adding a Netgear Rangemax 240 WPNT834 b/g (pre-n) wifi router, running at 240 mbps, at the school's expense. :)

    Will the motorola support it?

    And, which adapters should i get for the router?
  3. Your weakest link will be the 3mbps ISP.

    Now remember if some one has a internet ready cel or pda, you speeds will go to the bottom of the pit. It does not play well with others. Also remember when ever the 11n std is ratified ( may be in year) your equip will more than likely not meet the spec.

    I would have the wireless AP and route seperate. That way you could set the AP in the center of the room (celing) and have 100% coverage. Kind of hard to do that with all of the wires running to the router. Then when upgrade time comes you only have to replace 1 device (AP). From all of the stuff I have read it doesn't get an better distance than my 11g. AP.
  4. uhhh...we're going to use the entire house (well, like 3 rooms), that are kinda far from each other, not one big room.

    also, netgear has a draft n router out already - would that be up to par later?
  5. NO MFG to date has said their current pre N devices will be upgradable to the 11n std.

    If it goes like 11g, NO, It's going to be worst on getting compatability with older gear. 11g only had to deal with 11b. 11n is going to have 11b and 11g. And as to date they all are have problems with different mfg still with 11g.

    Personally its has impressive specs. But all of the test show it does not play well with 11g devices. Even if you bought all the pcmci cards for all your guest, all it takes is 1 neighbor with 11g and your dead.

    I would not buy it.

    I waited till the 11g was finilazed then bought a device that worked. I have only had 1 firware update, and that was for 110 to 125mbps updated. The brand I bought, said they were not going to release a pre 11g device. They waited till after the final, then delivered a solid prduct.
  6. So, are you saying that I should wait for standardized N, or just go with regular G for right now?

    about those adapters...
  7. I would not Buy Pre N.

    You need a router so get a 4-8 port router. It did not take me long to out grow a 4 port. NAS, printer, AP, LT, PC1, PC2, PC3 (NAS)= 7 with 1 spare.
    I would consider maybe one of the newer gigbit 8 port routers.

    If you need wireless add a AP, 11g should cover your needs. Seperate AP with High gain Antennas (std on most) will server you well. This is where most mess up. They think a wireless router has the same quality as seperate Router + AP. They do not. Combo units (all that I have ever seen) have 2dbi antenna. Seperate/ standalone AP most have 5-7 dbi, already 2 1/2 time better sensitivity. Not sharing componets (ram, cpu...) Less problems with heat. You can position it for best coverage, not tied to dsl/cable. If you want to upgrade later on. You can either expand your network, or replace your existing AP.

    I am currently using a Netgear FVS338 8 port VPN Router, with a USR 5450 AP (w/5410 PCMCI card) 11g with 125mbps boost. I cover my whole house with the the AP set on Low Power, 50' 4 wall, no drop or loss.

    I know of no wireless that can be used for FP Games. Most all have lags. I do not play on line games, so I can't comment on mine. It is not main stream, more bussiness class.

    Another Note: Wireless that come in laptop may or may not be any good. My builtin Ralink is junk. It has been documented that all of these ralink 2500 are weak and problem matic. Not even good for line of site without dropping. Another one is a intel model that has a bad reputation. Don't recall the model. The only sure way to have optium performace is to match mfg/chip sets.

    I know picking out equipment can be a taunting task. Building with a componet systems allow you to upgrade and test different equipment without starting over from scratch all the time. The heart of the system is the router. So choose wisely with it.
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