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HELP! Upgraded mobo, CPU, and vid card... some problems

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January 7, 2007 7:14:27 AM

Here's what I used to have: Athlon 64 3200+, ASRock K8S8X mobo (SiS chipset), Geforce 5900XT AGP 8x video card, 1 GB of DDR 400 memory

I got an ECS KA3 MVP ATi Xpress 3200 chipset motherboard, a low power X2 4200+, a Radeon X1950 Pro, and a new Raidmax 630W power supply.

Here's my problems:

1. So I plug it in, try to boot up for the first time and I see it doesn't scan my TDK CD burner nor my Pioneer DVD burner. Luckily it did detect my HD and tries to boot up Windows. It never even gets to the fullscreen Windows logo loading screen. It just automatically reboots. Then I get the Windows did not boot up properly the last time, would you like to go into Safe Mode screen. When I select Safe mode or boot normally, same thing - just reboots. For safe mode, it'll start running that list of files, get to giveio.sys then screen goes black, a generic blue screen flashes, and reboots.

The blue screen only flashes for a split second before the reboot, and it only says some generic message about some hardware failure, check for viruses, remove any newly installed hard drives or controllers, blah blah.

I know it'd be a good idea to reinstall Windows... but shouldn't I at least be able to boot up Windows? Instead it crashes before Windows can load even in Safe Mode. I remember the last time I upgraded from my Tbird 1.4 to the Athlon 64 along with a new mobo and PSU and vid card, I had no problems loading up Windows - in fact I even ran it without any problems and didn't format for several weeks

2. My CD burner and DVD drive do not show up in the initial boot up tests nor do they show up in the BIOS. The BIOS only displays IDE 0 to which my sole IDE HD is connected. One time when I booted up, it showed IDE 0 and IDE 2 and 3, but did not detect any devices connected to 2 or 3... which is weird because my mobo cn't support a third IDE channel! Now again it only shows IDE 0 with only my HD being listed.

It DOES however show the names of my drives AFTER the initial boot up tests and detection... there's a screen after that that just lists those drives before the Windows bootup tries to start, yet they dont show up in the BIOS.

For a while my Pioneer wasn't even being listed in that screen, only my TDK CD burner. When I tried booting up with no devices or just the Pioneer, my computer would turn on but I wouldn;'t hear any beeps, or see anything on the screen but all the fans and lights powered on. Now it does show my Pioneer and TDK drives in that boot up screen, but not in my BIOS, which only lists an IDE0 with my HD

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January 7, 2007 11:27:11 AM

I would reinstall windows and not worry about getting the old install running.

The IDE 2 and 3 are probably the SATA channels.

Try different combinations of the IDE devices, like the DVD and CD drives independently as master and / or slave on ide 0 / 1 or slave with the current hdd on ide 0. I remember strange conflicts like that as well, in cases like that just ditch the cd burner and go w/ the dvd since it can do both.

Try and reset CMOS with the jumper, or maybe remove the battery completely for several mins for a definitive clear/reset. You can try and see if there is an upgraded BIOS maybe give that a try. Not a big fan of ECS brand, have seen similiar probs and had to RMA - it is a time-consuming hassle if not replaced through the vendor!
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January 7, 2007 12:49:10 PM

New motherboard = format and reinstall windows.
You might get your current install to work, but believe me for the time you will spend, and it will still be buggy, just do the reinstall.