dvd-rw not being detected

hi, my dvd-rw is not being detected by windows xp home. it has recognised my floppy drive and dvd rom drive but not the rewriter. i went into my BIOS and it is not listed there either. there is power getting to it as it opens and closes but doesn't read any discs. is there a way to add it to windows.
any suggestions on how to fix this would be great, thanks, allan.
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  1. a small sugestion: if you overclock, that might be it, this was the problem i had with mine, now fixed it and its working in PIO only, have to do something about it.
    Also try replacing the IDE cable and jumper settings.
    hope this helps
  2. thanks for the help, yeah i'll have a look at the cables, haven't done any overclocking so far so it isn't that.
  3. ite definitely the jumper at the back of the device, it is set at master by default you know so set it to slave and it will work.
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