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Why no new CPU chart?

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May 8, 2012 1:50:30 PM

I hope this is the right section for this post. I don't read TH articles or come to the forum regularly, so apologies if I'm asking about something that's well known to others in the forum. The question is: Why have the Desktop CPU Charts not been updated for so long?

I'm very value-conscious when planning a new system, both for my own use as well as for others, and I always found the CPU and GPU charts extremely useful over the years. But the CPU charts haven't been updated in well over a year. I know about the Gaming CPU Hierarchy Chart but my concern isn't always about gaming.

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May 20, 2012 1:32:20 AM

I guess it is because there is no accurate measure to say which CPU is definitely better than the other.

For example the SB-E vs. SB, IB line of Intel processor. They are good at doing what they are intended for and they rank well within their line of product in the same section of the market. But if you compare the SB-E CPU with SB, IB, you get mixed result.

Choosing the ideal CPU require knowing what you are using your CPU for. Thus functionally categorised chart, limit to the comparison of consumer class CPU in gaming performance is a logical choice since I think this is in most TH user's interest.

Now, knowing why having an artificial chart is not sufficient information to give you well informed advice, please head toward the CPU section, post a new thread and ask for recommendation.

June 6, 2012 7:47:59 AM

I was going to ask the same exact question. It may be a lot of work but can't they split it into different types of bridges? For example Sandy, Ivy, etc. Or can't they have a section where certain cpu's are meant for certain kinds of situations for example gaming, editing, folding @ home, or something? Although, I know the CPU section of the forum's are great. But, it would be good to have a reference for CPU's and their situational usage.