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I am looking on some help on upgrading from my current 512MB DDR SDRAM to 1GB. I have purchased another 512MB DDR SDRAM PC3200 stick. My computer supports dual channel, and I was wondering if two different brands of memory would work in dual channel, or if dual channel is even that big of an improvement?
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  1. You will get 6.4GB/s of memory bandwidth in DC mode, and 3.2GB/s in single channel mode. If you call that "not that big of an improvement" then you are pretty hard to impress.

    Your motherboard *should* accept different sticks, but it will default to the lowest values of both sticks (i.e. lowest common denominator) using SPD setting. YMMV though.
  2. Whoa who crapped in your cereal this morning Mobius - I just saw 2 posts from you both seeming pretty ticked. If Green2CPU doesn't know much about Dual-Channel, help him out instead of being condescending.

  3. The best idea is to buy 2 of the same modules see if one works fine over a week or so and if you have no problems return the other one. I tried this in dell and got a beep code so I had to use both new ones, but thats a dell.....
  4. Both sticks are (512MB DDR SDRAM PC3200 200Mhz 3,3,3) . If they don't work great in dual channel mode, I'll just use both in single.
  5. well it always helps if the two memory units are identical, it never hurts to try but like mobius said if the other memory stick is not pc3200 then both will be reduced to the speed of the lower ram
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