Need help for buying a new gfx card

Hi there

i decided to buy a new graphic card (AGP and at least 256MB) and i'm not really sure what would be good for my computer.
At the moment i'm running this system:

Intel P4 2.6 GHz
Asus A9550 GE (AGP 8x, 128MB)

Some people told me, that nvidia cards would be better than an ATI, and i thought a nvidia 7600 GT or 6800 GT would be good.
But now my problems :) I havn't enough knowledge about graphic cards too decide whats more important for the performance of a gfx card.

If its the memory bus (128bit @ 7600GT-------256bit @ 6800GT)
or the memory clock speed (1400MHz@7600GT-------1000MHz@6800GT)
or the GPU clock speed (560MHz@7600GT-------350MHz@6800GT)
or the pipelines (12pixel/5 vertex@7600GT-------16pixel/6vertex@6800GT)

Another point is, i wont spend to much money in my old system, so the price range of a 7600GT or 6800GT are ok but not too much more.
What i've nowhere seen was the power consumption. I know it cant be said for the gfx chip, but probably someone know if one of these needs much power.

I hope someone can help me and precise cards are welcome too.

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  1. The 7600GT is faster and cooler than the 6800GT.
  2. Either or man. Very similar in performance (blue bars):

    The whole architecture is most important. Newer series (7xxx, and x1xxx) have been built better; like everything - cars, houses, TVs, ect. Though the 7xxx's have remained very similar to thier immediate predecessors (Geforce 6xxx compared to a Geforce 7xxx). The 7's are built on advancements, like with each progressive.

    Pipelines and core clocks factor largely upon rendering (fps rates).
    Memory bus/type (DDRx) and it's corresponding clock speed relates has less relevance to rendering speed yet more to data throughput.

    Hope I helped.
  3. Guess what, those increased clock speeds help the 7600GT perform as fast as the 6800Ultra. (seeing as the GT is slower then the ultra, then the 7600GT should be just faster then a 6800GT.) You can overcome one stat deficiency by increasing others.

    Don't count out the x800 series by ATI. They might not be as fast as the cards your looking at, but I believe they are cheaper. People were buying the x800GTO for around $100 just a bit ago. This will be much faster then the card you have, and will save you some $$$. (if your worried about that.) Do some research, the x1950pro is the fastest AGP card out now, followed by the 7800GS, 7600GT, etc.
  4. thank you for your fast answers.
    so i search now most for a 7600GT card, i saw, that the x800GTO are at my place (switzerland :) ) approximately the same price as the 7600GT and then i prefer the one with the better performance.
    My only problem could now the power supply be, i've only got a 250W PSU, but that's no big problem.
    One card i've found looks not bad XFX/PINE Geforce 7600GT 580M (PV-T73A-UDE7). what do you mean?
  5. If the x800GTO is the same price as the 7600GT, then I'd get the 7600GT. It should be faster. I'm pretty sure you'd need to update the psu no matter which card you get, as the GF6 and x8 series need 300/350W PSUs.
  6. I have read some german forums now and some there say, that the 12V line should have at least about 16-20A max output current and mine (FSP250-60MDN-120 (1) REV:A) is just a 250W PSU and have a 12V output of max 12A. if this 16-20A are correct i would need a new PSU.
  7. The peoplr who told you that Nvidia cards are better than Ati cards are wrong. They are both excellent, so buy the best you can afford.

    The best AGP card you can get today is the Radeon X1950 PRO.

    I don't know if I'd bother spending the $240 for an X1950 PRO on a Pentium 4 2.6 though.

    You can get a 7600 GT for $180, that's probably your best bet. If you can get a 6800 GT for cheaper though, do it, although thew 7600 GT will be slightly faster.

    No matter what you do, I'd definitley consider a new power supply, at least 400 watts and with a strong 12v rail with at least 20+ ampos for a 7600 GT or 6800 GT.

    Good luck!
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